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Chapter 769

769 The Little Girl Back Then?

Although Little Phoenix was proud, sharp-tongued, and wouldn’t admit to being Feng Wu’s mount itself, it couldn’t stand it when other people looked down on Feng Wu!

Its master had left an explicit instruction, telling it to protect the dumb little Feng Wu . How dare these people say those things? They were practically insulting the mighty Little Phoenix!

“You ignorant human! Die!”

The angrier Little Phoenix became, the more deadly its fire was .

Balls of flame hurtled at Gongsun Qing one after another!

Gongsun Qing wasn’t called one of the top three candidates for nothing . The girl was very capable .

What was more, she specialized in the ice attribute!

In this terrain, she was at home!

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In order to defend herself against Little Phoenix’s attack, she activated the ice element, and snow rose into the air, forming an ice shield around her!

Columns of fire pounded at the shield, but couldn’t break it no matter what .

They had reached an impasse .

Exasperated, Little Phoenix kept spitting out more fire!

Attack! Attack! Attack!

The ice shield around Gongsun Qing grew thinner and water dripped down around her .

However, Feng Wu noticed that Little Phoenix was running out of spiritual essence and was gasping for air .

Feng Wu patted the bird . “Little guy, you can stop now . ”

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“No!” Little Phoenix shook its head grumpily without turning its gaze away from Gongsun Qing . It snorted . “Little Feng Wu might be dumb and silly, but that’s for me to say! No one else can say anything bad about her!”

This little bird… Feng Wu shook her head in resignation .

Little Feng Wu? As in Feng Wu?

Everyone looked at Feng Wu in disbelief when they heard the name!

“You’re Feng Wu?!” Tao Shuang cried out .

Yin Yi said, “Yes! Yes, it’s her! I saw with my own eyes when she made that bet with Princess Mu at the city gates . That’s right! She’s Feng Wu!”

A hush fell over the crowd as soon as Yin Yi said those words…

It was only a moment ago when…

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They had been trashing Feng Wu behind her back while Feng Wu herself was only a wall away from them . She must have heard everything… That was so embarrassing!

Gongsun Qing flew into a humiliated rage . She glared at Feng Wu . “Did you hear what we said?”

Feng Wu found the question idiotic . “What do you think?”

“So, you did nothing when you heard what we said – that’s because we were telling the truth! You’re a good-for-nothing!” Gongsun Qing stared at Feng Wu with contempt .

“Do you have an old grudge against me or something?” Feng Wu asked curiously .

“Y- you don’t remember me?!” Gongsun Qing was dumbfounded!

Feng Wu was confused . “Why should I remember you?”

Gongsun Qing opened her eyes wide . “You, you… Did you forget the little girl by the lotus pond five years ago?!!!”

Five years ago? A lotus pond?

That did jog Feng Wu’s memory .

“The little girl I kicked into the lotus pond for bullying my brother Xiaoqi?” Tilting her head, Feng Wu studied Gongsun Qing . “That was you? The plump meatball?”

The plump meatball? Pffft —

Gongsun Qing almost choked!

She was widely regarded as a beauty now and people worshipped her! But to Feng Wu, she was just a meatball?!

Patting Gongsun Qing’s slim shoulder, Feng Wu said, “Hey, Meatball, here’s the thing —”

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