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Chapter 77: What Good Was It To Be Beautiful?

After Feng Wu completed all of the etiquettes, she saw the shocked group of people out of the corners of her eyes, and only felt her own spirits rising.

At present, she was completely different from the little Fifth Feng at Icebound Forest. They were two polar extremes. Even if the others harbored any suspicions previously, all of their doubts should've been cleared by now, right?

Feng Xun rubbed his eyes, and rubbed them again——

He was a bit startled.

What the hell? Was this the same Feng Wu who he remembered that was always glowing with health and vigor from those days?

"What happened to you during these five years? How did you turn out this way……so strangely?" Feng Xun stared at Feng Wu, he even walked around Feng Wu's body again and again. As he walked, he examined her closely.

Feng Wu clenched her fists tightly as her face remained as stiff as before, a wooden and slow-witted beauty, as she paid her respects to the rest of the people. "This young woman is just a precious daughter in her chambers, and have never met with visitors before. This young woman will excuse herself now."

After saying so, Feng Wu delicately, as if there were no bones in her body, prostrated herself and just withdrew.

"Stop right there!" Feng Xun raised his hand to grab Feng Wu's sleeve.

Feng Wu could feel a scorchingly hot gaze focused on her hand, a pain stabbing her right hand like a pincushion. Very clearly, that came from Jin Lin Yuan's gaze!

Before her was Jun Lin Yuan's suspicions, behind her was Feng Xun inquisitiveness. Feng Wu inhaled deeply as she continued to act out this play, otherwise, the consequences would be unthinkable.

Feng Wu raised her head, that pair of watery, bright, pretty eyes stared at Feng Xun, stiffly and woodenly answered. "Young Prince, men and women should maintain their distance, if Young Prince still won't let go, this young woman can only crash myself against this metal pillar and kill myself, to maintain my purity."

This sentence scared Feng Xun into releasing his grip at once.

However, his eyes still stared at Feng Wu, except that there's a trace of displeasure in his expression as he frowned, and muttered. "Could it be that five years time could truly change so much?"

The Feng Wu from those days, when she scuffled with him, she was rough, bold and powerful. Her younger self indeed could lift her leg!

But now, it's always 'this young woman' this, 'this young woman' that, always prostrating herself, simply made a person lose all of their appetite. Feng Xun wondered if the soul in her body had been switched out, how could she become so colorless?

Feng Wu faced Feng Xun and kowtowed fully again.

Feng Xun waved his hand with displeasure. "Stop moving, don't keep bowing her and there, you're not a slave nor a servant, what's the point of being so servile? ! Watching you makes disgust grow in a person!"

The more one looked forward to something with expectation, the more the disappointment was.

In Feng Xun's eyes, Feng Wu had always been a noble and virtuous girl, icily arrogant, yet full of vigor and spirit, as lively as the morning sun. How was she the least bit like the monotonous, pedantic, archaic person that she was currently?

Therefore, Feng Xun swung his sleeves and somewhat boredly and disinterestedly turned around and left. His heart felt both disappointed and angry at himself.

As Xuan Yi watched this Feng Wu, his brows also deeply furrowed, expression brimming with disappointment.

Fairy Mu Yao was originally stunned by Feng Wu's remarkably beautiful appearance, however, seeing this spiritless, stiff and mechanical appearance of hers, her heart immediately became boundlessly delighted!

Ha haha, Feng Wu, heh, Feng Wu, you're lucky to have a remarkable appearance, but your personality……after one look and disgust grows, therefore, what good is it to be beautiful? !

Feng Yi Ran and Feng Liu glanced at each other. That's strange, just now, Feng Wu was even acting arrogantly, how did she suddenly turn into……this way?

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