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Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Good Heavens!

And at this moment, little Seventh Feng already flew over to Feng Wu’s side!

“Elder Sister! Elder Sister! Not good! Crown Prince Jun is coming! He, he, he——” Once little Seventh Feng turned his head, he saw Jun Lin Yuan stepping in. At once his complexion paled overwhelmed with shock, unable to utter another word——

Feng Wu looked up towards the door——

While a walking Jun Lin Yuan was also looking up towards Feng Wu inside the back yard.

These pairs of eyes——

Rumbling, pounding——

Seemed like a sudden clap of thunder on level ground, all of the people present were shocked into staring blankly!

Silence, all around……

Jun Lin Yuan’s pair of hidden in depth, handsome eyes instantly unblinkingly stared at Feng Wu before him, his gaze burning hot and forgetting himself!

Feng Xun looked at the Feng Wu before him, stupefied, eyes staring perfectly round, eyeballs almost fell out!

The solemn, rigid Xuan Yi also became stunned at the scene……

Fairy Mu Yao only felt rumbles

and drums echoing in her brain, as the sky in her brain flashed with lightning and rolled with thunder, sparks flew everywhere, rain bucketing down, the downpour extinguishing all of her vain delusions.

Feng Yi Ran and Feng Liu were also stunned in place, their souls left for a very long time.

At present, Feng Wu was……too enchanting!

Dazzling to this degree?

Picturesque facial features, bright eyes and white teeth, illuminating appearance, one that could cause the downfall of a country, turn all living things upside down, absolutely splendid heavenly beauty, simply defy conventions……

All words of praise added together, were still insufficient to completely describe her alluring, ravishing appearance!

Beautiful, exceptionally beautiful, incomparably beautiful!

“Oh my god!” Feng Xun was the first one to regain his wits as he kneaded his eyes, and kneaded his eyes again. “Is this truly not a figment of my imagination? Even though I already knew that this girl was already a beauty in the womb, still, I didn’t expect that after

after five years of separation, she actually grew up to be this reigning beauty! Just, too, beautiful!”

Feng Xun turned his head to look for Fairy Mu Yao. “Do you see? Have you seen it? I wasn’t wrong, right? Haven’t I already said that Feng Wu was very beautiful? You’ve seen it with your own eyes, you should believe it now, right?”

Fairy Mu Yao seemed as if she wanted to choke Feng Xun to death!

She didn’t have vision problems, so could she not distinguish between beauty and ugliness! Even if she wasn’t willing, she still couldn’t point at this kind of matchless good looks and say that it’s ugly, right? She knew that Feng Wu was beautiful, but why did Feng Xun still call attention to it continuously like that? He’s deliberately doing that! Truly’s very upsetting!

Fairy Mu Yao furiously glared at Feng Xun, both eyes filled with hot anger!

To the side, Feng Liu discreetly clenched her fists tightly as all of her

of her fingernails dug into her flesh!

Feng Wu, what’s the meaning of this? ! Once you heard of Crown Prince Jun’s coming, you immediately dressed up into this stunning beauty. What you’re thinking in your heart was easily understood!

With great difficulty, Crown Prince Jun presently was thinking about me for a bit, and yet you want to snatch it away from me? No way!

At the moment, Feng Wu……

Her heart practically fell apart.

Jun Lin Yuan’s eyes were too deep, too bright, also penetrating as if he clearly understood everything.

Having his eagle like, sharp eyes fixed on her like this, Feng Wu only felt like the tips of blades were piercing her, her heartbeat sped up, bewildered.

She needed to stay calm, needed to stay cool-headed, if any mistake was discovered, the consequences would be too horrible to contemplate……thinking to this point, Feng Wu inwardly made a fist!

The reason why she indulged her mother and allowed her to dress her up like this was precisely to was precisely to remove any trace of the ugly girl, Little Fifth. This moment was a crucial point in time, she certainly couldn’t make any mistakes.

Thinking of this, Feng Wu inhaled deeply, lifted her skirt, each step taken was as if it had been measured, as dignified as a noble, precious daughter, her manners perfectly conforming to established standards.

She stood still before Jun Lin Yuan, performed a bow per propriety, fully prostrating herself. “This young woman from the Feng clan pays her respects to the crown prince, ten thousand fortunes and peace.”

A greeting ceremoniously carried out, exactingly, without taking one single extra step, and also without speaking a single extra word, just like a blockhead of a beauty who’s been trained with a ruler, spirits weighed down. Where was there still the high spirits and lively aura present during those days?

Jun Lin Yuan’s dense brows and deep eyes knitted slightly.

Feng Xun’s mouth dropped wide open and was even more shocked——

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