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Chapter 768

768 The Aloof Girl?

Gongsun Qing darted a glance at them in a nonchalant manner, gave them a little nod, then went back to her cultivation .

Soon, Tao Shuang and the others struck up a conversation with the Shi siblings .

Shi Xun asked, “Hey, do you remember Feng Wu, that top student in the written exam? Maybe she’ll be the dark horse of the physical tryout . ”

“Hahahaha —”

Tao Shuang and the others guffawed .

Shi Xun frowned . “Why are you laughing?”

Tao Shuang said, “You’re not from the imperial capital, so you probably don’t know this: Feng Wu lost her cultivation ability for good . ”

“But hasn’t she recovered after so many years?”

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“Of course not . How can one recover a lost ability? Feng Wu is going to spend the rest of her life a cripple, but she just won’t accept it . She just had to force her way into this exam . Is she asking for humiliation or what?”

“That’s so true . Feng Wu got excellent marks in the written exam because she’s always been bright . It’s no surprise that she got the top score, but when it comes to the physical tryout… well, she better hide herself well . ”

“That’s so true . Unluckily for her, we have the toughest terrain this year — Proud Snowfield . We can withstand the cold by activating our spiritual essence, but Feng Wu… I don’t think she can stand it . ”

“She may not be able to walk out of Proud Snowfield alive in seven days . ”

Everyone was discussing Feng Wu animatedly .

Chaoge was infuriated by everything she heard .

She wanted to rush out and beat up everyone who was trashing Feng Wu behind her back .

Feng Wu stopped her and shook her head with a smile .

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“We talk about other people behind their backs and we get talked about the same way . Big deal . ” Feng Wu shrugged .

Moreover, she had deliberately concealed her true capability so that she could take advantage of the way everyone underestimated her . She couldn’t care less about their comments .

But Chaoge cared . She was the hot-headed one . Feng Wu could only shake her head with a wry smile .

But Chaoge always obeyed Feng Wu . Since Feng Wu had stopped her, she would suppress her anger no matter what .

No one noticed that Gongsun Qing, who was supposed to be cultivating, hadn’t been paying any attention to it at all this whole time .

Her mind had wandered off the moment she heard Feng Wu’s name .

“Feng Wu, I thought I would have a chance to face you in combat, but here you are, still a cripple . I can kill you as easily as stepping on an ant!” Gongsun Qing smirked .

Everyone stopped talking and stared at Gongsun Qing in bewilderment .

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That was so arrogant . Gongsun Qing sounded as aloof as a princess!

“Can you?”

A quiet voice came from behind the snowdrift .

“Who’s there?!”

Gongsun Qing was astonished!

Someone had been hiding there and she hadn’t noticed at all? She only became aware of the person once they spoke!

With a wave of Gongsun Qing’s hand, a gust of wind struck the snowdrift!

The snow toppled onto Feng Wu like a thick wall!

Feng Wu snorted . She didn’t need to do anything, for Little Phoenix had opened its beak .

Whoosh —

A fireball charged at Gongsun Qing, right for her face .

Orange-red flames filled the air and columns of fire flew around like blazing dragons, frightening everyone .

They were shocked!

“What bird is that?!”

No one noticed Feng Wu and Chaoge, for Little Phoenix had drawn all their attention .

But Little Phoenix turned all its attention on Gongsun Qing!

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