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Chapter 767

767 Eavesdropping

Chaoge stared at Feng Wu . “…What a coincidence . There just happens to be Frost Essence in the terrain for the physical tryout?”

Feng Wu smiled at her .

“I see!” Chaoge smacked her own thigh . “You made this happen, didn’t you? You asked Grand Secretary Fang to pick this terrain where that Frost Essence is, right?”

Feng Wu shrugged . “Grand Secretary Fang hasn’t always been the vice-principal, has he? But I did suggest he choose Proud Snowfield for the physical tryout . ”

“Xiao Wu! You’re incredible!” Duan Chaoge was amazed . She then gloated . “I overheard the other candidates complaining about this terrain earlier, saying it was too difficult . If they knew it was you —”

“Shhh —” Feng Wu shushed her with a finger .

Chaoge covered her mouth and stared at Feng Wu in bewilderment .

But one of Chaoge’s good qualities was that she always followed Feng Wu’s orders .

Feng Wu led Chaoge to the back of a snowdrift, and they sat down out of the wind .

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The snowdrift was as tall as a wall . No one passing by on the other side could see them .

They heard someone talking on the other side .

“Have you heard?”


“There’s a super impressive candidate among us this time! That person got tossed into Zone 2 when we were teleported in!”

“Wow! Zone 2?! Aren’t magical beasts there Level 5 Spiritual Grandmasters at least?”

To newbies like them who hadn’t made it into Imperial College, a Level 5 Spiritual Grandmaster was something they could only dream about .

“That’s right . I was told that the person killed three Spiny Frost Beasts all at once!”


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“Who could that be? With what they can do, they’ve got to be the best candidate this year!”

“Someone said it was Yu Mingye!”

“The legendary sacred son of the Dark Court? Well, I’m not surprised if it’s him . He’s surpassed the Spiritual Grandmaster stage already . No Spiritual Grandmaster is his match . ”

“But some say that it wasn’t him, for he headed for the center of Proud Snowfield as soon as he entered . ”

“So, it wasn’t him?”

“I don’t think so . ”

“Who else, then?”

“Apart from the sacred son, three top candidates were mentioned this year: Ning Chenxi of Anyuan Province, Xuanyuan Yi of the Xuanyuan family, and Gongsun Qing . ”

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“Gongsun Qing? So, Miss Gongsun, the third daughter of the Gongsun family, is one of the three top candidates?” someone said in a pleased tone .

Miss Gongsun was here with them?

Feng Wu and Chaoge exchanged looks .

Neither of them had heard of this Miss Gongsun, but it was clear that those talking on the other side all knew who she was .

For many cried out in surprise .

“Miss Gongsun? Gongsun Qing?”

Gongsun Qing’s people gloated and proudly replied, “Yes, we have Miss Gongsun Qing with us here . ”

All the others were instantly thrilled and showered Gongsun Qing with praise and flattery .

After all, Gongsun Qing was one of the top candidates in the bunch .

Since they were lucky enough to run into her, of course they would jump at the opportunity .

“Miss Gongsun, I’m Tao Shuang . ”

“Miss Gongsun, I’m Yin Yi . ”

“Miss Gongsun, I’m Du Jian . ”

“Miss Gongsun, I’m…”

Gongsun Qing only had two people with her . They were two siblings, Shi Xun and Shi Xuan .

The brother and sister raised their eyebrows in satisfaction . They were part of Gongsun Qing’s clique and felt like they could share Gongsun Qing’s fame .

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