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Chapter 766

766 Frost Essence

Feng Wu was genuinely happy for Chaoge when she found out that the girl was already at Level 2 .

She had been with Chaoge the whole time as the latter progressed from a Level 5 Spiritual Master to a Level 2 Spiritual Grandmaster . Feng Wu believed that the girl would only get more powerful in the future .

Thanks to her breakthrough, spiritual essence circulated throughout Chaoge’s body . When she examined herself again, she saw that all her internal injuries had been healed, as well as the cuts on her skin .

As for Yao Hao and the others…

Chaoge kicked the guy around before turning to Wen Ling .

“Don’t kill me! Please don’t! I’m sorry . I’m so sorry…” Wen Ling dropped to her knees and pleaded .

Chaoge smirked . “I’m not going to kill you, but you’ll wish I did!”

After that —

Chaoge raised her dagger!

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“Ahhh —”

Wen Ling watched as the blade cut into her cheek!

It was so deep that it exposed the bone!

Chaoge left a bloody, deep gash on Wen Ling’s face!

“Ahhh —”

Wen Ling screamed before collapsing on the ground .

She was so frightened that she passed out .

The others, especially Yao Ying, who was also a girl, covered their faces in fear!

Chaoge had ruined Wen Ling’s face!

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The cut was so deep that Yao Ying could hear the blade scratch the bone!

No one would be able to fix her face!

Yao Ying turned to run .

But Chaoge would never let her flee .

As a Level 2 Spiritual Grandmaster, Chaoge was the most advanced cultivator here, second only to Feng Wu .

With a wave of her hand, Chaoge picked Yao Ying up like an eagle snatching a chicken .

Whoosh —

She repeated what she had done to Wen Ling!

Yao Hao and the others glared at Chaoge, but were too scared to say anything .

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Chaoge smirked . “I know that a scar on the face means little to guys, but this one will be the shame of your life!”


She made another cut!



Chaoge cut each person on the cheek, making a deep gash . It would stick with them and remind them of the shame!

It was a scar they would carry for life!

After taking care of Wen Ling and the others, Feng Wu and Chaoge went on their way .

“Xiao Wu —” Chaoge took hold of Feng Wu’s hand and said in a pitiful voice, “Xiao Wu, thank god you got there in time . I could have been killed . ”

Feng Wu patted her on the head, then said in a grumpy tone, “No, you wouldn’t have . Even if they were going to kill you, they would make sure to do it in front of me . ”

They wanted to enrage her to make her act impulsively . That way, they would have an excuse to kill her .

Mu Yaoyao’s target had always been Feng Wu, and Feng Wu alone .

“Xiao Wu, where are we going now?” Chaoge asked .

She would stop thinking whenever Feng Wu was around . All she needed to do was follow Feng Wu .

“First of all, we’ll find Mu Yaoyao to get our revenge . Then, we’ll get enough spiritual essence to light up all seven stars . But most importantly, we need to find Frost Essence . ”

“Frost Essence?” Chaoge looked bewildered . What was that?

“I haven’t told you?” Feng Wu smacked her own head .

“No . This is the first time I’ve heard of it . ”

Feng Wu said, “Grand Secretary Fang is building a formation for cultivation next door, and the formation has to have a core, which is what the Frost Essence is for . ”

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