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Chapter 765

765 A Breakthrough?

Feng Wu was only able to lash Mu Yaoyao with the whip once before the latter bolted . That woman hadn’t suffered enough!

She knew that Yao Hao was Mu Yaoyao’s closest minion and she directed her question at Yao Hao .

Yao Hao was going to resist, but as soon as Little Phoenix opened its mouth, he felt like crying, even before any flames came out . “Alright! Alright! I’ll tell you!”

Feng Wu sneered at him .

“It’s a ‘teleport scroll . '” Yao Hao took a deep breath . “There’s an amazing cultivator in the Mu family who specializes in teleportation . He made the scroll for Princess Mu so that she could teleport herself away in critical moments . ”

“How many does Mu Yaoyao have?”

“How many?” Yao Hao smiled bitterly . “Miss Feng, a teleport scroll is as valuable as a human life . It’s unbelievably expensive on the market, if you can get your hands on it at all . Once it’s out on the market, the price will be outrageously high!

“The scroll Princess Mu had was a last-resort thing . Lord Mu went to that cultivator himself to get that scroll . It’s the only one . ”

Feng Wu smirked .

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If Mu Yaoyao only had one such scroll, she wouldn’t be able to get away next time!

Just then, there were rumbling sounds overhead!

The noise converged and eventually gathered over Chaoge’s head!

All eyes were on Chaoge right away .

And even Feng Wu looked surprised .

Yao Hao’s eyes opened so wide that his eyeballs threatened to fall out .

“Duan Chaoge, she… she’s…”

Feng Wu kept her gaze on Chaoge and saw that the latter was sucking in spiritual essence from around her like a crazy maelstrom .

But there wasn’t enough!

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Feng Wu raised an eyebrow .

With a wave of her hand, people flew in Chaoge’s direction .

Wen Ling, Yao Hao, Yao Ying, Liu Hao, and Mu Qing .

Their own spiritual essence couldn’t be sucked out, but each of them had at least two stars on their headbands .

No one knew how Feng Wu did it, but —

The next moment, all the stars on Wen Ling’s headband dimmed .

She had lost her two stars .

The same thing then happened to Yao Hao, Yao Ying, Liu Hao, and Mu Qing…

All their stars dimmed .

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The spiritual essence they had gathered from hunting and robbing their fellow candidates was absorbed by Chaoge .

“No —”

Realizing what Feng Wu was doing, Yao Hao and the others tried to resist, but —

There was nothing they could do .

Who would have thought that Feng Wu would have such a terrifying Little Phoenix with her?

That bird spat fire at everyone!

And it wasn’t normal fire! Nothing could put it out!

It had to be the rare abnormal flame!

“Phew —”

Chaoge exhaled, then opened her eyes .

After all the spiritual essence she had absorbed, her eyes were as clear and bright as the ocean .

“Xiao Wu, did I make a breakthrough?” Chaoge looked at her own hands in disbelief .

Only a moment ago, she thought she was going to die, but things turned around so quickly, and the next thing she knew, she was leveling up .

Feng Wu smiled . “What level are you now?”

“I’m a Level 2 Spiritual Grandmaster!” Chaoge grinned .

Chaoge had been making progress at an unbelievable speed these days .

She had been a mere Level 5 Spiritual Master before Feng Wu came back, but she was already a Level 2 Spiritual Grandmaster now . At this rate —

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