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Published at 20th of July 2020 08:18:26 PM
Chapter 764

764 Feng Wu Demonstrates Her Power

However, Feng Wu only snorted and darted a glance at Little Phoenix .

Little Phoenix and Feng Wu could read each other’s minds .

All it took was a look from Feng Wu .


Little Phoenix flew as swift as an arrow at Wen Ling!

Whoosh —

Orange-red flames spurted out of its beak and headed straight for Wen Ling’s back!

“Ahhh —”

Wen Ling was devoured by flames from behind!

The flames looked like devilish faces and made wicked giggling sounds .

“Ahh —”

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Not only Wen Ling’s back, but her hair was on fire as well .

“Help! Help! Princess Mu, help!!!”

Tears rolled down Wen Ling’s face, but she couldn’t make a sound because of the searing pain .

At that moment, she could smell death, and she was scared .

Copying Yao Hao, she rolled around in the snow . She cried and she pleaded… but nothing worked!

The fire seemed to have a life of its own, and wouldn’t die no matter what .

And it bore deeper into her skin .

Wen Ling regretted everything she had done .

Why did she have to do that to Chaoge… Why?

However, it was already spilled milk .

Looking at Mu Yaoyao, Feng Wu smirked . “Now that those two are out of the way, Princess Mu, it’s finally your turn . ”

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Mu Yaoyao had seen how miserable Yao Hao was after he caught on fire, and how Wen Ling’s life was hanging by a thread… and that was enough to make her ditch her pride . She wasn’t even as good as Yao Hao .

“F- Feng Wu! I’m warning you!” Mu Yaoyao stumbled back as she made empty threats . “I’m a princess! I’m a princess from a noble family!”

Feng Wu smiled a little . “A princess? Is that a big deal?”

If everything went as planned, she would be a princess herself very soon .

“You won’t kill me!”

“Why not?”

“Do that and you’re dead! Your family will all be dead!”

“Really? I’m so scared . ”

“Feng Wu, stop! Stop right there! Stay away from me!”

Feng Wu scoffed at those words . “You should have thought about the consequences when you hurt Chaoge . ”

A whip appeared in Feng Wu’s hand .

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She lashed it at Mu Yaoyao!

And she spared no effort!

The strike sent Mu Yaoyao flying!

“Ah —” Mu Yaoyao screamed in fear .

However, under Little Phoenix’s threatening stare, there was nothing she could do!

Mu Yaoyao smashed into the ground, the impact creating a huge crater beneath her!

She glared at Feng Wu!

She had no idea where Feng Wu found such an incredible bird, but she knew that there was no way she could fight it .


Mu Yaoyao made a “flee” sign with her fingers, and with a whoosh, she disappeared on the spot!

The woman fled!

Feng Wu frowned and was baffled!

Mu Yaoyao had torn something before she fled! What was that?

By now, Yao Hao and Wen Ling were barely breathing . With a wave of Feng Wu’s hand, white light flashed and the fire was gone .

“Sob —”

Wen Ling cried in pain . Tears rolled down her cheeks as she gasped .

For a moment back there, she really thought she was going to die!

Yao Hao lay on his back and his head was swimming . Every breath was torture .

“What did Mu Yaoyao use?” Feng Wu gritted her teeth .

Mu Yaoyao was the main culprit .

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