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Chapter 763

763 Feng Wu In a Fury

Helping Chaoge to her feet, Feng Wu was infuriated when she saw Chaoge’s unsteady gait .

Without hesitation, she stuffed a pill into Chaoge’s mouth .

“Xiao Wu —”

“Stop talking . Swallow the pill, activate your spiritual essence, and work on healing your injuries . ” Feng Wu then helped Chaoge sit down .

After taking care of Chaoge, Feng Wu turned around to face the other three .

The look she gave Mu Yaoyao was as sharp as a cold blade!

“Wh- what do you want?!” Staring at Feng Wu, Mu Yaoyao couldn’t help but stumble back at Feng Wu’s piercing gaze .

Stumble back?

When she realized her reaction, Mu Yaoyao gritted her teeth and stepped forward!

“You, you…” Mu Yaoyao stared at Feng Wu .

Feng Wu walked toward Mu Yaoyao one step at a time, her gaze fixed on the latter the whole time .

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“Wh- what do you want?” Mu Yaoyao glared at Feng Wu . “Don’t for a minute think you can scare me!”

Feng Wu smirked, her gaze as sharp as a blade!

Yao Hao blocked her way .

“Feng Wu, stop right there!”

Feng Wu glanced at him .

“Who the hell do you think you are?! How dare you threaten the princess?! I can kill you with a snap of my fingers!”

Yao Hao considered himself a capable cultivator — he was a Level 2 Spiritual Grandmaster already .

However, Feng Wu only raised a hand .

Instead of striking out herself —


Little Phoenix materialized in the air and charged at Yao Hao!

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After absorbing the energy of the abnormal flame bead, Little Phoenix could finally come out of the ring!

It used to be the size of a palm, but now, its body expanded and it spread out its wings like a giant eagle!

“Pew —”

The bird opened its beak, puffing out orange-red flame!

Instantly, there was fire everywhere!


A fireball flew right at Yao Hao’s chest!

Whoosh —

Caught off guard, Yao Hao was caught in the fire!

“Ah!” He screamed in pain .

The fire burnt through his clothes in no time and ate at his flesh!

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The pain brought tears to Yao Hao’s eyes . He was quick to react . Jumping back, he began to roll around in the snow .

They were in the middle of a snowfield and the ground was covered in snow . He thought that rolling around would put out the fire immediately, but he was wrong .

Little Phoenix’s fire was the abnormal flame which it had obtained from Jun Linyuan .

An abnormal flame wasn’t something one could extinguish with water!

“Ah! Ahhhh —”

Yao Hao kept rolling and patting at his chest, but the fire only grew bigger and began to spread out .

Wen Ling was baffled by what she saw!

That bird was incredible!

How frightening!

Where had Feng Wu found such a pet?!

Wen Ling knew that Mu Yaoyao hadn’t even reached Yao Hao’s cultivation level . Yao Hao’s dilemma meant that Mu Yaoyao wouldn’t be able to protect her .

Recalling what she had done to Chaoge, Wen Ling felt a chill run down her spine .

She turned around and ran!

She couldn’t fight, but she could flee!

But —

As soon as she turned around, Feng Wu’s cold voice rang out behind her . Staring at Wen Ling’s back, Feng Wu grinned . “Wen Ling, where do you think you’re going?”

With Feng Wu’s great memory, of course she remembered Huo Yin and Wen Ling . She only pretended not to recognize Huo Yin to embarrass the latter .

Feng Wu’s voice made Wen Ling jump!

Without hesitation, she bolted!

However —

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