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Published at 20th of July 2020 08:18:32 PM
Chapter 762

762 Feng Wu Has Arrived!

Chaoge glared at her .

Mu Yaoyao replied with a half-smile, “Wen Ling said what I wanted to say . ”

Rolling her whip up, Mu Yaoyao raised her chin and said in a taunting voice, “Say ‘Feng Wu is a bitch’ and I’ll let you go . Otherwise —”

Before Mu Yaoyao could finish her sentence —

“Ptooey —”

Chaoge spat at Mu Yaoyao!

And the sticky saliva caught Mu Yaoyao right in her face .

Mu Yaoyao was astonished!

She was caught off guard!

She was a well-respected princess whose grandfather was the head of Imperial College, but someone had just… spat in her face!

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Mu Yaoyao retched!

She could no longer hold her smirk . Pointing at Chaoge, she roared, “Take care of her! Whip her as hard as you can! I want her dead!”

She then tossed the whip to Yao Ying behind her .

Yao Ying was Mu Yaoyao’s most loyal minion, for Mu Mansion was the Yao family’s patron .

Hence, Yao Ying had been Mu Yaoyao’s reading companion since she was little .

Taking Mu Yaoyao’s whip, Yao Ying lashed Chaoge hard in the face!

Chaoge had lost the extra weight and was down to less than 50kg . She was a slim, pretty girl again .

The whip cut a bloody gash in her fair cheek .

“Whip her! Don’t stop!”

The memory of Chaoge’s spit on her face made Mu Yaoyao want to throw up .

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She had been born in the lap of luxury, and that was the grossest thing she had ever experienced . The memory would probably haunt her for the rest of her life .

Crack —

The whip landed on Chaoge face, arms, and the rest of her body…

It hurt…

The pain was excruciating…

Chaoge had cuts and gashes all over her body and every inch of her skin was covered in blood .

Her clothes were soaked .

It really hurt…

So much so that she almost passed out .

“Say it! Say it now!” Grinding her teeth, Yao Ying prodded Chaoge .

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Chaoge sneered at them, and only gritted her teeth harder and wouldn’t even let them hear her grunt .

Betray Xiao Wu? Over her dead body!

Just when Chaoge was soaked with cold sweat from the pain —

Feng Wu finally reached them .

The first thing she saw was Chaoge being held still by two people, and a third person whipping her mercilessly . Beside them, someone else was giving orders in a vicious voice . “Yes! I want her dead!”

Blood rushed into Feng Wu’s head!


Feng Wu charged out and kicked Yao Ying in the stomach!

Yao Ying flew backward at the strike!

Before the others could see who Feng Wu was —

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Feng Wu struck out continuously, sending Liu Hao and Mu Qing into the air .

Both saw something flit past them, and before they knew it, they were in the air . Then, with a thump, they hit the ground face down!

The impact created a deep pit in the ground, and they were buried in it right away!

There were only three people left .

Wen Ling, Yao Hao, and Mu Yaoyao .

All three stared at Feng Wu as if they had seen a ghost .

Feng Wu supported Chaoge with one hand . Seeing the condition she was in, Feng Wu almost burst into tears .

She was devastated .

“Chaoge? Chaoge?” Holding Chaoge in her arms, Feng Wu gritted her teeth, fighting back her fury .

Chaoge had almost lost consciousness, but she opened her eyes at Feng Wu’s voice .

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