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Chapter 761

761 Do You Have a Death Wish?

Wen Ling and the other two surrounded Chaoge .

Thump! Thump! Thump!

A fight started .

Chaoge fought three enemies all at once in the snowfield and was able to fend them off in the beginning .

As time went by, however, Chaoge began to tire . It was less energy-consuming for the other three, and they weren’t as fatigued as she was .

“Hahaha, Duan Chaoge, you’re so dead!” Wen Ling’s smile looked very savage!

“Thump!” She hit Chaoge in the chest .

Liu Hao and Mu Qing had each grabbed one of Chaoge’s arms, immobilizing her . She had no choice but to endure the full impact of the blow!

Chaoge felt a throbbing pain in her chest!

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She glared at Wen Ling!

Unfortunately, instead of making any progress, Chaoge’s cultivation level had dropped in the past five years .

The exam started shortly after she regained her normal ability, and it was only natural that she was no match for these three people working together .

Given time, she could surely surpass them .

But time was something she didn’t have at the moment .

“Duan Chaoge, I’m only going to say this once!” Wen Ling stared at Duan Chaoge with a taunting look on her face . “Say ‘Feng Wu is a bitch’ and we’ll cut you loose!”

Wen Ling was so sly!

Of all these candidates, Chaoge was Feng Wu’s best friend . If Chaoge were to betray Feng Wu, the effect would be devastating .

“Say it!” Pinching Chaoge’s chin, Wen Ling stared at her in contempt . She then punched Chaoge in the stomach . “Now!”

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“Cough, cough —”

It hurt a lot —

Wen Ling was a Level 1 Spiritual Grandmaster at least, and she spared no effort with that blow!

Chaoge spat out a mouthful of blood .

“Say it!” Wen Ling stared at Chaoge .

But Chaoge only smirked and looked right into Wen Ling’s eyes . “Kill me if you want . I’ll never betray Xiao Wu . Kill me now! I dare you!”

“You think I won’t do it?” Wen Ling snorted . With a flip of her wrist, a dagger appeared in her hand .

The sharp blade glinted in the sunlight .

Wen Ling rested the blade against Chaoge’s throat .

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“Say it or I’ll kill you!”

Chaoge sneered at her . “You bitch! Ye Yafei is a bitch! So is Mu Yaoyao!”

Wen Ling blanched with fury!

“What are you doing?”

An emotionless voice rang out a few steps away from them .

Turning around, Wen Ling was so frightened that she almost dropped her dagger .

It was none other than Mu Yaoyao .

And behind her were Yao Hao and Yao Ying, the Yao siblings .

“Are you making her curse me?” Mu Yaoyao stared at Wen Ling instead of Chaoge .

Wen Ling was shaking all over and almost dropped to her knees .

“Princess Mu! It’s not like that! I wasn’t!” Wen Ling explained herself in a hurry . “She’s Duan Chaoge and I wanted to make her betray Feng Wu and curse her, but she’s so stubborn . And I didn’t know that she was going to curse you . It’s all my fault —”

Wen Ling eventually knelt down with her head lowered . She was petrified .

Mu Yaoyao was already a prominent princess and her grandfather had just been made the head of Imperial College . Only an idiot would try to offend her .

Crossing her hands behind her back, Mu Yaoyao shifted her taunting gaze from Wen Ling to Chaoge .

“Why, Duan Chaoge, it’s you . ”

The casual tone was filled with contempt .

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