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Chapter 758
758 Should You Choose to Withdraw But Feng Wu was able to make progress at that speed!

However, before she realized it, the spiritual essence she gathered had dissipated!

After the disappearance of the spiritual essence she obtained from killing the Spiny Frost Beasts, the same thing was happening to her own spiritual essence! What the heck?

Feng Wu began to panic!

She examined her body over and over again, but no matter how many times she checked, she couldn’t find anything wrong with herself!

Just then —

Feng Wu heard the sound of someone snoring .

That was…

She pulled something the size of her palm out of her pocket .

Feng Tutu?

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Her little tiger cub?

To Feng Wu’s surprise, little Feng Tutu was deep asleep — so deep that it looked like it had passed out . Its cheeks were flushed and it was completely ignorant of what was going on around it .

What was more…

Feng Wu was amazed when she saw that Feng Tutu was absorbing spiritual essence through its fur — she could almost see little swirls on it .

Absorbing spiritual essence?!

Feng Wu was astonished!

Had Feng Tutu been sucking away all her spiritual essence this whole time?

With that question in mind, Feng Wu flipped Feng Tutu over and touched its plump belly with a finger . A streak of spiritual essence flew into its body at her touch .

The spiritual essence was so familiar and compatible with hers…

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It had to have originally come from her!

Feng Wu was baffled!

And realization struck her immediately .

“That’s why my spiritual essence’s been disappearing . It’s all your doing . ” Feng Wu poked the little thing in its forehead with a finger .

However, the cub went on sleeping flat on its back, with little care for what was going on around it…

Feng Wu was speechless .

What should she do?

She was completely at a loss .

However, she could clearly sense that as the spiritual essence was absorbed, the cub was getting stronger .

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“You’re taking the easy way . ” Feng Wu smiled bitterly .

She sighed in resignation, but there was nothing she could do . “You greedy little thing . There has to be a point where you’re sated, right?”

Once the cub’s spiritual essence reached a saturation point, Feng Wu would probably be able to resume her cultivation .

Bearing that in mind, Feng Wu stuffed Feng Tutu back into her pocket, jumped out of the snow pit, and continued on her journey .

This was such a rare opportunity .

With Grand Secretary Fang’s help, no one else in Imperial College would be able to see how she performed .

With no other candidates around, she could practice her skills on the magical beasts without hesitation .

She had been making rapid progress without engaging in much actual combat . Feng Wu had been longing for such an opportunity .

Beep —

Feng Wu’s headband made a tiny beeping sound .

Then, to her amazement, a map appeared in her mind, with a lot of red dots on it . There had to be around a thousand of them .

Feng Wu then realized that each dot represented a candidate .

Instructions appeared on the map .

“In a life-threatening situation, the candidate can choose to press the panic button . After doing so, the candidate will be teleported out of the terrain with immediate effect . At the same time, the candidate will fail the exam, so please be cautious about using this course of action . ”

Meanwhile, the same map and instructions appeared in every candidate’s head .

Feng Wu counted the red dots .

There had been 1000 candidates in total at the beginning, but now, there were only 950 left .

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