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Chapter 757
757 Who Killed Them? “I’m a Level 1 Spiritual Grandmaster! It’s not much, but at least I’m better than you —”

However, before Huo Yin could go on, Feng Wu slapped her right in the face!

“Smack —”

It was hard and loud!

Everyone stared at Feng Wu in astonishment .

It happened so suddenly that Huo Yin was taken by surprise .

Feng Wu smiled . “A Level 1 Spiritual Grandmaster? How petty —”

Feng Wu swaggered off after slapping Huo Yin .

Huo Yin shouted, “…Feng Wu! Stop there! Stop right there!”

However, Feng Wu had already dashed off and become a little dot on the horizon .

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That was fast…

Everyone looked at Huo Yin in bewilderment .

Fang Xueyu found Huo Yin’s claim highly suspicious . “Didn’t you tell us that Feng Wu has no cultivation ability at all?”

Huo Yin stomped her foot . “She has none!”

Fang Xueyu asked, “If that’s really the case, why was she able to slap you, a Level 1 Spiritual Grandmaster?”

Zhu Qing, another teenage girl, also eyed Huo Yin . “You couldn’t even catch up to her after she slapped you . ”

“You people — are you questioning me now?!” Huo Yin was exasperated . “I’m very close to Princess Mu!”

Princess Mu?

Fang Xueyu and Zhu Qing exchanged looks .

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All the other girls in the team came from other provinces and had no connections in the imperial capital . After hearing Huo Yin bragging about all the people she knew, the team tried to butter Huo Yin up right away .

Fang Xueyu asked, “By Princess Mu, are you referring to Princess Mu Yaoyao?”

“Of course!” Huo Yin gloated . “Princess Mu is already a prominent figure, then Grand Secretary Fang became the acting principal of Imperial College, which has only raised Princess Mu’s status . After we get into Imperial College, you’ll be rewarded for your contributions now . ”

Fang Xueyu and the others weren’t naive, and they got the hint right away .

With Mu Yaoyao as their patron, these newbies who were unfamiliar with the city wouldn’t be bullied in Imperial College .

At that thought, they went back to playing up to Huo Yin and trashing Feng Wu .

Huo Yin was pleased .

“Although, who on earth killed these three Spiny Frost Beasts?” Fang Xueyu asked curiously .

“Not Feng Wu, obviously . She didn’t even have one star on her headband . ”

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“Who, then?”

They went on discussing possibilities .

However, they couldn’t figure it out no matter how they tried .

After Feng Wu left the team of six, she jumped into a snow pit deep in the pine grove .

Feng Wu needed to readjust her body after the battle against the Spiny Frost Beasts, and she wanted to find out why her spiritual essence disappeared for no reason .

After circulating her spiritual essence throughout her body —

Feng Wu was ready to break through to Level 6 when something happened!

The spiritual essence she had painstakingly gathered flowed out of her…

And it was gone!

Feng Wu opened her eyes wide!

“How is that possible?! Why did my spiritual essence disappear?!”

Feng Wu knew that Zuo Qingluan was a Spiritual Elder already .

But Feng Wu was making even quicker progress . Only days after making it to the Spiritual Grandmaster stage, she was a Level 5 Spiritual Grandmaster!

It was unimaginable to other people!

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