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Chapter 759
759 It“s Feng Wu“s Lucky Day That was to say, an hour after the tryout started, 50 students had dropped out of the exam .

“The tryout this year is so difficult . ”

A candidate popped out of the portal after giving up on the tryout and he collapsed in the square .

He was covered in blood, had a big gash on his head, and was missing half his right ear . No one could bring themselves to look at him in that mangled state .

Everyone in the square had been watching the changes in ranking and they wanted to know everything about the tryout . They were thrilled to see a candidate come out .

However, before they could reach him, guards from Imperial College had arrived with a stretcher . They helped the candidate onto it, then carried him away .

A hush fell over the square…

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“If I’m not mistaken, that’s Zhao Tianze, right?”

“You know the guy?”

“I know of him . He’s the son of the governor of Tianze Province and he’s the top candidate from his province . I didn’t expect him to be eliminated so soon . ”

“The tryout this year is so difficult . The son of a governor failed, just like that . ”

“Of course it’s difficult . They’re in Proud Snowfield, which is the toughest of all the seven terrains!”

“Luck wasn’t on Zhao Tianze’s side, if you ask me . I heard that he got transported right into Zone 3 and ran into a Level 3 Spiritual Grandmaster magical beast . Before he knew it, he was getting his ass kicked . ”

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“Zone 3? That’s the area where junior Spiritual Grandmaster magical beasts dwell . If I recall correctly, Zone 3 is the closest that candidates can get to the center of the terrain . Zone 1 and Zone 2 are sealed off, and only students in Year 2 and above can enter . ”

“That’s right . Zhao Tianze was really unlucky…”

The air was filled with a clamor of discussion as more candidates popped out of the portal .

Some came back from Zone 4 and some from Zone 3 .

“Exactly how are the magical beasts distributed in Proud Snowfield?” Many asked the question in confusion when they saw how severely injured the candidates were .

Someone answered the question .

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“It’s quite straightforward . Zone 5 is the outermost circle and any candidates that aren’t that unlucky are teleported there . The magical beasts there start at Level 9 Spiritual Master and only go as high as Level 1 Spiritual Grandmaster .

“Magical beasts in Zone 4 are Spiritual Grandmasters from Levels 1 to 3 .

“As for Zone 3, the magical beasts there are Level 3 Spiritual Grandmasters at least, but won’t be above Level 5 .

“And so on and so forth .

“Of course, because Zone 1 and Zone 2 aren’t open to outsiders, only the heads of Imperial College know what magical beasts reside there .

“Zhao Tianze was really unlucky . He was tossed into Zone 3 right away . The guy must have the worst luck of all the candidates . ”

“That’s so true . ”

“Feng Wu hasn’t shown up yet . I thought she would be the first to come out . ”

“It’s her lucky day, I guess . She must be in Zone 5 . ”

“I think so . ”

“But if she’s in Zone 5, she’ll get very little spiritual essence from killing the magical beasts . She won’t be able to pass the physical tryout . ”

“No one expected her to pass anyway . ”

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