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Published at 13th of July 2020 04:25:12 AM
Chapter 739

After everything his young master had done to make Feng Wu accept it, the empress dowager took the jade pendant back from the girl… Feng didn’t know what to say .

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 The crown prince’s face was so grim .

 Emperor Wu noticed it as well and was displeased . “You brat! What’s with that look on your face? Your grandmother took the jade back for your own good! Don’t tell me you’re in love with that little Feng Wu?!”

 1Jun Linyuan stared at Emperor Wu and said proudly, “Tch, I’ll never fall in love with that Failure Wu!”

 1Only then did the empress dowager let out a breath of relief . For a moment there, she really thought that Jun Linyuan was fond of Feng Wu . After all, that was an exceptionally beautiful girl .

 “Then why do you look unhappy about Her Majesty taking it back?” Emperor Wu scowled .

 The empress dowager also looked at Jun Linyuan in bewilderment .

 Feng looked at his young master in astonishment as well . He was curious as to how the crown prince was going to talk himself out of it this time .

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 But one should never underestimate the crown prince’s intelligence .

 Still dark-faced, Jun Linyuan asked impatiently, “Why did you take the jade back?”

 The empress dowager hesitated . “Should I not have done so?”

 Jun Linyuan said, “Of course not! The jade… was tainted by something unholy!”

 2“Huh?” The empress dowager dropped the jade on the table right away .

 Feng stared at the crown prince . Nice job . Please go on .

 1Jun Linyuan didn’t disappoint Feng, and he went on in a solemn tone . “The jade is tainted and it can only be cleansed by a virgin girl wearing it . ”

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 1The empress dowager asked gingerly, “Really?”

 Jun Linyuan casually said, “Yes . Or my life will be shortened . ”

 1Baby Jun’s life was at stake?!

 The empress dowager was flustered and she grabbed Jun Linyuan’s hand . “Sweetheart, are you alright? Do you feel pain anywhere? Doctor! Where’s Master Chu?! Get him here!”

 Jun Linyuan stopped the empress dowager . “I’m fine for now . ”

 Only then did the empress dowager sigh with relief, but she still looked quite shaken .

 Emperor Wu eyed Jun Linyuan suspiciously . “Are you telling the truth?”

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 Before Jun Linyuan could say anything, the empress dowager glared at Emperor Wu . “Shut up!”

 1Emperor Wu did as told .

 He rubbed his nose, still finding the whole thing unbelievable .

 The empress dowager tugged at Jun Linyuan’s sleeve . “Baby Jun, what are we going to do now? What have I done?”

 Feng looked at the crown prince in amazement .

 This was the very first time that the crown prince had told a lie, wasn’t it? And it was another “first” he had done for Miss Feng Wu . That girl was… incredible .

 1Jun Linyuan cleared his throat . “It’s not that difficult . Like I said, we need a virgin girl to wear it, and in a few years, the jade will be cleansed . ”

 1“Dongxue, quickly, put on this jade pendant!” The empress dowager beckoned at one of her maids .

 Jun Linyuan’s face darkened again .

 “No!” He rose to his feet .

 “Why not?” The empress dowager was confused . Didn’t he ask for a virgin girl?

 Jun Linyuan was losing his patience as he explained to the empress dowager in a solemn tone, “Of course it’s not that easy! That girl has to match a lot of criteria, from the circumstances of her birth to her attributes . You can’t just pick some random girl!”

The empress dowager was speechless .

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