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Chapter 740

“Master Linghu had to look all over the imperial capital to find the right candidate, which was Feng Wu, and I took advantage of this goddaughter thing to give her that jade . But Grandma, what you then did —”

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 He accused the empress dowager with his eyes, which made the old lady feel very guilty .

 Emperor Wu was a lot harder to convince . He rubbed his chin . “Why didn’t Master Linghu bring it up when I visited him last time?”

 The empress dowager threw a dirty look at Emperor Wu . “You wouldn’t only be learning about this now if you cared about Baby Jun!”

 Emperor Wu was speechless . How come he was the one getting blamed again?

 The empress dowager caressed Jun Linyuan’s cheek affectionately . “Sweetheart, I’m so sorry . I didn’t know . I’ll send the jade back to Feng Wu . ”

 Jun Linyuan nodded . “Yes, and make sure she wears it . ”

 The empress dowager said solemnly, “Of course! She has to! I don’t care what her feelings are about it!”

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 Jun Linyuan said, “Well, it’ll be a little troublesome for the girl that way . ”

 His grandmother patted him on the shoulder . “Don’t worry about it! I’ll give her something amazing in return so that she won’t wear it begrudgingly . She’ll cleanse the jade for you and make sure your life is in no way threatened . ”

 Jun Linyuan said, “If it takes too long to get to her…”

 “No, it won’t!” The idea of Jun Linyuan’s life being shortened made the empress dowager on edge . She gave the order right away . “Hurry, summon Feng Wu here! Now!”

 Feng stole a glance at his young master . That was incredible . The crown prince had played his grandmother like a fiddle . However, when would he admit his true feelings, instead of taking all these detours?

 1Feng looked up at the sky . Well, His Royal Highness was adorable this way . Who was he to remind the crown prince how he really felt?

 1The imperial edict baffled Feng Wu .

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 Go to court?

 Night had almost fallen . What was this about?

 “Is Her Majesty the empress dowager not feeling well?”

 Granny Lan had come to deliver the edict herself .

 Granny Lan was the empress dowager’s most senior maid, and her performing this task proved how much importance the empress dowager attached to it .

 Granny Lan smiled politely . “Miss Wu, Her Majesty the empress dowager and His Majesty are waiting . We should be on our way . ”

 Could Feng Wu say no to that?

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 Without absolute martial prowess, Feng Wu had to succumb to authority, no matter how reluctant she was .

 Everyone in the family was worried, and the beautiful lady was on the verge of breaking into tears .

 Granny Lan genuinely pitied the lady . She was so beautiful .

 Feng Wu took her mother’s hand and comforted her . “Don’t worry . Everything’s fine . I’ll be back before you know it . ”

 In the imperial palace .

 Feng Wu paid her respects to Emperor Wu, the empress dowager, and…

Blue veins popped on Feng Wu’s forehead when she noticed Jun Linyuan .

 He was here, too?

 Feng Wu suddenly had a very bad feeling about this .

 Was he trying to set her up again?

 Immediately, Feng Wu was on guard as alarms went off in her head .

 From the empress dowager’s point of view, Feng Wu seemed to be staring at her Baby Jun the whole time, until she forgot to blink . That was…

“Feng Wu!” The empress dowager’s voice was devoid of warmth .

 Feng Wu looked away from Jun Linyuan and faced the empress dowager obediently .

 The empress dowager didn’t say a word, and only darted a look at Granny Lan .

 Granny Lan then brought out a glossy red tray, on which lay the jade pendant .

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