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Chapter 738

Emperor Wu felt like fainting .  “Alright”? You’re actually agreeing to that? Aren’t you supposed to be the most capable cultivator? Stop complaining!

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 Seeing the look on Emperor Wu’s face, Jun Linyuan snorted inwardly .

 That’s the price you pay for being so nosy . Cousin? Tch!

 Jun Linyuan decided that he wouldn’t bring up little Feng Wu at all! He would make sure that his father was at a complete loss!

 1Emperor Wu bellowed, “Jun Linyuan! You’ll give me a heart attack sooner or later!”

 Jun Linyuan raised his chin . “Good . I’ll be the emperor then, and I’ll beat your other sons up and throw your women out . There’s nothing you’ll be able to do to me . ”

 3Emperor Wu’s mouth fell open .

 He turned to the empress dowager . “Mother, did you hear that? This brat is so spoiled! He has no respect for me at all!”

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 The empress dowager threw Emperor Wu a dirty look . “You call him a brat . How else is he supposed to behave?”

 1Emperor Wu didn’t know what to say .

 The empress dowager didn’t mind Jun Linyuan’s language at all . “Baby Jun is still a kid, and kids say random things . Don’t you know that? Aren’t you too old to bicker with a kid? How dumb are you?”

 2Emperor Wu’s mouth fell open .

 A kid? Say random things? And he was the dumb one? Mother, you have no idea what this brat did in the next country over! He turned the place upside down! What kind of kid would do such a thing?

 As Emperor Wu sulked, Jun Linyuan crouched down .

 A ball of fire appeared on his palm, and he used it to heat the cold medicine .

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 The medicine had almost been ready when Jun Linyuan showed up . With the heat from the fireball, the liquid soon began to bubble .

 The crown prince’s fire skills were impeccable .

 Picking up the pot, he poured the medicine into a white jade bowl, then brought it to the empress dowager . “Your medicine . ”

 The empress dowager was so moved that she was almost in tears . “My Baby Jun is the best . You’re not like your dad at all . He’s done nothing but upset me . My baby boy is the best…”

 Emperor Wu glared at Jun Linyuan .

 The only thing the kid did was take the bowl from the pot to the empress dowager! But his mother ignored the fact he was the one who had watched over the brewing of the medicine for such a long time! Mother, that’s not fair!

 Jun Linyuan had no problem with taking the credit . He even asked, “Grandma, do you like the medicine?”

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 “It’s great . My Baby Jun made it for me and it’s so sweet . ”

 Emperor Wu threw his hands in the air . He didn’t want to say another word .

 Jun Linyuan showed no sign of leaving after the empress dowager finished her medicine, which only pleased the old lady further . She found Jun Linyuan the most considerate kid .

 “Wait —” Something finally occurred to the empress dowager, and she beckoned at Granny Lan . “Bring me that jade pendant . ”

 The flicker in Jun Linyuan was almost undetectable .

 Soon, Granny Lan brought back the smooth, glossy jade and handed it to the empress dowager .

 “Baby Jun, keep the jade safe . This is from Master Linghu, and it has been blessed . Your future marriage depends on it . Put it away . Don’t let some girl swindle it away again!”

 The empress dowager gave the jade to Jun Linyuan, looking very pleased with her accomplishment . However, she had no idea about what was going on in Jun Linyuan’s head…

Feng stole a glance, and as he expected, he saw his young master’s livid face .

 Feng sighed inwardly .

 The scheming, difficult crown prince still hadn’t realized his true feelings toward Miss Feng Wu, and was only following his instincts .

 2God knew how hard he had tried to come up with a reasonable excuse to give Feng Wu that jade pendant .

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