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Chapter 737: 737
Chapter 737: His Royal Highness’s Complaint

The crown prince was so mad!

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Why did little Feng Wu have to call him cousin? What sort of cousin was he?

But he was too proud to admit his real feelings!

Instead, he vented his grievance to his grandmother . “Father received something nice and he’s giving it out to all his sons except me . ”

The empress dowager didn’t like the sound of that at all . “You’re the only one left out?”

Jun Linyuan nodded . “Yes!”

He then took the list out of his sleeve and handed it to his grandmother .

And he stared at Emperor Wu the entire time .

Seeing the list and the pack of tea in Feng’s hand, Emperor Wu realized what was going on right away . He snapped .

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“Jun Linyuan! Are you complaining now?! I won’t be threatened!”

His son snorted .

Next to them, Feng and the chief steward exchanged looks, and both smiled in resignation .

These two were unlike any emperor and crown prince in the books .

The royal family was said to be the most loveless one . It was common sense for members of a royal family to plot against each other whenever they could . However, what Feng saw said otherwise .

To him, the three looked more like the typical overprotective grandmother, her obedient son, and the spoiled grandson . It was most amusing .

They had to be the first royal family in history with such a relationship .

The empress dowager couldn’t care less what other people thought about her . Her dear Baby Jun was being mistreated and she wouldn’t let that happen!

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Shaking the piece of paper in her hand, the empress dowager glared at Emperor Wu .

“You! Explain this to me!”

Emperor Wu glared at Jun Linyuan in turn . “You brat . Master Linghu thinks very highly of you and gave you more Quling tea leaves than you can ever finish! Why do you need more?! Why can’t your brothers have some? Don’t be so greedy!”

The empress dowager glowered at Emperor Wu and snapped, “A gift from Master Linghu is different from one from you, his father! How can you play favorites with your sons?!”

Emperor Wu didn’t know what to say .

The old lady added in an authoritative tone, “Plus, if Baby Jun wants it, he’ll have it all! Forget your other sons! They’re not getting even one tea leaf!”

Emperor Wu was baffled . “Mother, what happened to not playing favorites?”

The empress dowager smirked . “No wonder they say that you shouldn’t expect anything from your father when there’s a stepmother . Your head has been filled with that woman’s poison . Why shouldn’t I look out for my favorite grandson?”

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Those words were no different from the things typical grandmothers would say . Feng lowered his head and tried to draw as little attention to himself as possible .

Emperor Wu gasped in agitation . “Mother, my other sons are your grandsons as well . ”

His mother smirked . “Put them together and they’re still nowhere near as good as my Baby Jun . ”

Emperor Wu was rendered speechless .

And he could only glare at Jun Linyuan .

Jun Linyuan, on the other hand, crossed his arms and sneered at Emperor Wu .

Emperor Wu said, “Jun Linyuan, you —”

“Shush!” The empress dowager glowered . “Is Baby Jun your son at all? All you ever do is pick on him! I’ve never seen an emperor like you! Just shut up! It’s your fault anyway!”

Emperor Wu thought he was going to have a heart attack .

The empress dowager turned to Jun Linyuan and her tone softened immediately . “Baby Jun, if your dad mistreats you again, come to me . I’ll take care of him for you . ”

“Alright!” Jun Linyuan nodded earnestly .

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