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Chapter 724

Her legs were asleep? So many people had knelt before the emperor, and surely the girl couldn’t be the only one whose legs turned numb, but she was the first to say it aloud!

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 However, that only made Emperor Wu find her a frank, lovely girl .

 As an emperor who dealt with political tactics day in and day out, he naturally preferred a naive, harmless, and sincere girl who spoke her mind .

 But Emperor Wu wouldn’t let the girl know what he thought, in case she became too pleased with herself .

 Putting his hands behind his back, Emperor Wu straightened his face and smirked . “Is that how you show your reverence for me?”

 Feng Wu replied in a solemn tone, “Your Majesty, that just shows how much I hold you in awe and veneration!”

 “You think?” Emperor Wu snorted .

 “Yes . Your Majesty —” Feng Wu shifted a little to find a more comfortable position before she looked up at Emperor Wu . “Your Majesty, my legs are asleep; I’d be lying to you if I made up some other answer .

 “That’s how I think I should express my veneration for you: to be as frank and honest as an innocent child . Your Majesty, what do you think?”

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 Emperor Wu felt silent . He really couldn’t think of a way to retort to her .

 The chief steward stole a glance at Feng Wu and Emperor Wu, then vented his sarcasm inwardly .

 His Majesty might sound impatient at the girl’s words, but both the current atmosphere and his attitude had improved before he realized it .

 The chief steward admired Feng Wu for what she had achieved .

 There was something so peculiar about the kid that she seemed to bring joy wherever she went . No matter how furious one was, the girl could soothe them with a few lines .

 If anyone else had tried to do the same thing, they would have been whipped senseless by now .

 Emperor Wu didn’t know what to do with Feng Wu . This girl would listen obediently when he scolded her, but as soon as he softened a little, she would try something else . If he glared at her, she would lower her head and steal pleading glances at him . It just so happened that the girl was exceptionally beautiful . It was said that one shouldn’t turn away from a smiling face, not to mention that she had such a pretty smile… Emperor Wu was at a loss over what to do .

 1However, his face betrayed nothing . No one could read an emperor’s mind and Feng Wu was no exception .

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 Someone had brought in a new chair when she wasn’t looking .

 Once Emperor Wu was seated again, he darted a casual glance at Feng Wu, trying to think of a way to punish the girl .

 As innocent as a child, she said?

 It reminded Emperor Wu of his son .

 Just then, Master Bai said, “Is Miss Feng Wu very familiar with His Royal Highness?”

 Feng Wu stiffened . Master Bai’s revenge had come quicker than she thought .

 Emperor Wu was alarmed as well .

 Jun Linyuan was his most valuable heir, and what was more, Bai had obviously held something back .

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 Emperor Wu then recalled the jade pendant .

 According to the empress dowager, it was such an important piece that the cold-hearted Jun Linyuan should never have given it away under any circumstances, not to mention that he had given it to Feng Wu .

 Emperor Wu found it the strangest thing!

 Did Jun Linyuan like Feng Wu? Emperor Wu would never believe it .

 So, it was because of the girl herself…

“Little Feng Wu, did you say that your frankness proves your veneration for me?”

 “Yes . ”

 “So, tell me . What do you think of Jun Linyuan?”

 What did she think of Jun Linyuan?!

 Feng Wu wouldn’t stop complaining about Jun Linyuan if they let her!

 Ever since she had met him again in Northern Border City, Jun Linyuan had sabotaged her missions more times than she could count, all the way from Northern Border City to the imperial capital!

 Feng Wu wanted more than anything else to tell Emperor Wu everything!


 It wouldn’t be a good idea to trash a son in front of his dad, right

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