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Chapter 725

Feng Wu was conflicted .

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 “Are you hesitating?” Emperor Wu stared at Feng Wu .

 What happened to “as innocent as a child”?

 Feng Wu felt that she had dug her own grave . She should have never mentioned the “frank, honest” bullshit .

 What did she think of Jun Linyuan? Where should she start? She had lost count of how many times she had suffered losses because of him .

 However, she couldn’t tell that to Jun Linyuan’s dad . What if Jun Linyuan refused to give her back the broken star piece when he heard about this? The broken star piece was the most important thing!

 Grinding her teeth, Feng Wu forced a smile . “His Royal Highness? Well, he’s good! Excellent! Like, perfect!”

 Of course he knew his son was perfect . Emperor Wu was glad to hear Feng Wu sing praises of Jun Linyuan .

 “Exactly how good is he?” Emperor Wu shifted in his chair and asked casually .

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 Seeing that Emperor Wu had changed into a more comfortable position, indicating that he was ready to hear a long speech, Feng Wu was a little flustered .

 “Miss Wu, Your Majesty asked you a question,” the chief steward kindly reminded Feng Wu, who had let her mind wander off .

 “Sure… well, His Royal Highness is so great that I don’t know where to start . ” Feng Wu chuckled awkwardly .

 Emperor Wu rolled his eyes . Start from anywhere and be quick about it .

 “Ahem —” Feng Wu cleared her throat .

 If she had to sing a hymn of praise for Jun Linyuan, she would make sure that she did it right . She had to make the emperor happy!

 Feng Wu said, “His Royal Highness is the best! He’s talented beyond compare, he’s a superb cultivator, and he’s more capable than anyone could ever imagine!”

 She then stole a glance at Emperor Wu and saw that he didn’t seem impressed . Fine, she would try harder!

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 “His Royal Highness is wise, unbelievably resourceful, and has perused books of all sorts . He can answer any question, regardless of how uncommon the subject is! He’s like a living library!”

 Feng Wu stole another glance at Emperor Wu .

 His Majesty still looked so indifferent… but why?

 It then occurred to Feng Wu!

 How dumb of her! She was focusing on Jun Linyuan only and had forgotten about Emperor Wu!

 She changed her strategy right away . “His Royal Highness is adept in both the pen and the sword . He’s eminently talented . He has a casual and elegant bearing, and the manner of a delicate beauty, which will remain unsurpassed for generations . Everyone falls in love with him… No wonder His Royal Highness is so incredible — he’s your son! I’m sure he inherited everything from Your Majesty!”

 Feng Wu was very pleased with her little speech .

 Not only did she say a lot of good things about Jun Linyuan, she had played up to Emperor Wu at the same time . She was confident that Emperor Wu would be glad to hear it .

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 But —

 The longer Emperor Wu listened to her, the darker his face became . He narrowed his eyes .

 He was right!

 Like many girls out there, this girl liked his son! And this girl thought she could keep it from him!

 Feng Wu’s stomach lurched .

 Wait! This wasn’t right… She needed to think .

 Before she could figure it out, Emperor Wu spoke in an unhurried tone .

 “Little Feng Wu, were you telling the truth?” Checkmate .

 “Y- yes…”

 “So, you like Jun Linyuan, don’t you?” Emperor Wu stared at Feng Wu with a half-smile .

 That was it!

 Feng Wu stood there dazed, as if she had been struck by lightning!

 She finally knew what she had done wrong!

 Everyone thought she was in love with Jun Linyuan, and Emperor Wu had his suspicions, too . That was why he had asked for her opinion on Jun Linyuan . While she praised Jun Linyuan against her will, Emperor Wu was convinced that she was in love .

 She had been set up!

 Your Majesty, it’s not what you think —

 Feng Wu was almost rendered speechless .

 “Your Majesty, it’s not like that! It’s a big misunderstanding!”

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