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Chapter 723

The chief steward didn’t know what to say . He couldn’t even look at the girl and had to smile wryly to himself .

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 What a kid . She showed her white feathers when necessary, stepped up when needed, and spared no ingratiating words when she asked for a favor . Judging from her courage and brazen manner… the chief steward believed that not many people could be her match .

 Emperor Wu didn’t know what to say .

 Looking at Feng Wu, he wanted to say something, but all words failed him . At this age, he had never been praised in such a blatant manner before . Everyone else was so subtle about it .

 Finally, Master Bai came back to himself!

 This wasn’t right . He was against Feng Wu and he had to do something about it . Mr Zuo had been killed . If he just stood around, his alliance with the Zuo family would…

At that thought, Master Bai had no choice but to step out . “Miss Feng Wu, for a young lady, you’re so hypocritical…”

 As soon as Master Bai mentioned that word —

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 Feng Wu’s eyes lit up!

 I dug this pit just for you, Master Bai . And you’ve finally jumped in!

 Feng Wu frowned and looked indignant!

 “Master Bai, did you just call my praise for His Majesty hypocritical? Are you saying that I’m lying? That His Majesty isn’t the greatest conqueror, adept with both the pen and the sword, and he’s not a paragon of virtue, striking the universe with his greatness? That people don’t respect and admire him? That his contributions won’t benefit generations to come…”

 Master Bai almost had a heart attack .

 Of course he didn’t mean that!

 But Feng Wu had twisted his words to sound exactly like that!

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 Master Bai’s knees buckled and he scrambled to Emperor Wu’s feet . “Your Majesty, Your Majesty, it’s all my fault! I’m guilty!”

 Emperor Wu stared at Master Bai with a grim look on his face .

 Feng Wu didn’t say anything else, for she didn’t want to overdo it .

 She lowered her head and knelt there in silence, acting like an obedient girl and trying to attract as little attention as possible .

 Emperor Wu looked from Master Bai to Feng Wu, then back .

 Feng Wu held her breath .

 She was trying to push Emperor Wu’s limits . Only by finding his bottom line could she make sure she would say just the right thing in the future .

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 If Emperor Wu kicked Master Bai away now, the eunuch would walk away safely .

 However, if Emperor Wu kept his silence… Master Bai would have to watch out from now on .

 Emperor Wu stared at Master Bai without saying a word . He then turned to Feng Wu . “Feng Wu, you’re very bold . ”

 Feng Wu kept her head lowered without making a sound .

 “You tricked Bai right in front of me . That was very clever of you . ”

 Feng Wu cringed, but still didn’t say anything .

 “Do you take me for an idiot?”

 She had to reply to that question!

 Raising her head abruptly, Feng Wu said in a solemn voice, “Your Majesty, how can you say that about yourself? You’re extremely intelligent, you’re wise and farsighted, and you tower above the rest in intellect…”

 It was clear that Feng Wu was going to drown Emperor Wu with her compliments again, and Emperor Wu’s face almost turned green!

 “Fine! Fine!” He waved her off impatiently . “Save your spit . I’ve heard enough of your flattery . ”

 “…Alright . ” But Feng Wu wouldn’t keep still and she would squirm every now and then .

 Emperor Wu stared at her . “Behave yourself! Stop squirming!”

 Feng Wu looked up and pleaded with her bambi eyes, “Your Majesty, my legs are asleep…”

 Emperor Wu almost laughed!

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