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Chapter 722: 722

Feng Wu ignored Master Bai . She looked up, giving the others a full view of her stunning face . She then stared at Emperor Wu with her limpid doe eyes .

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 Feng Wu’s mother was the most beautiful woman in the empire . The apple never fell too far from the tree .

 She only needed to mimic part of her mother’s expression, and Emperor Wu couldn’t stay mad at the pitiful girl . He even wanted to reflect on himself, thinking that he might have been a little too mean .

 “Your Majesty, I killed him because he was one of the people that was responsible for my losing my ability! I’ll never let it drop! I will have my revenge!”

 The first half of her speech was expressed with deep feeling and fervor, but the second half sounded rather willful .

 Emperor Wu was surprised .

 He asked, “Didn’t you lose your ability because you got greedy and overstretched yourself?”

 “No, I didn’t!” Feng Wu defended herself . “The Zuo family did it to me! They’re evil people!”

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 “And your evidence?” Emperor Wu challenged her .

 “I killed him and that’s my evidence,” Feng Wu said matter-of-factly . “Why would I waste such a big favor from Your Majesty if it wasn’t for a deep-seated hatred?”

 Both Master Bai and the chief steward were speechless .

 Master Bai was astonished by how bold Feng Wu was .

 Whereas the chief steward was worried about Feng Wu .

 Both men served Emperor Wu day in and day out and they both knew how capricious the emperor was in temperament .

 This girl had said the first thing that came to her mind without even trying to restrain herself . How dare she mention “a favor”? Did she have a death wish?!

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 Master Bai snorted inwardly . He believed that the girl would die before she realized it!

 Emperor Wu chewed on Feng Wu’s answer . “Such a big favor?”

 Feng Wu looked all innocent . “I saved Her Majesty the empress dowager . Your Majesty, wasn’t that a big enough favor? I informed Your Majesty before I killed him just then . ”

 Emperor Wu was speechless . So that was what she had been doing? Informing him?

 However —

 His Majesty smirked . “As a subject, it’s your duty to offer Her Majesty your service . Are you asking for a reward? And how dare you talk about me owing you a favor?!”

 Feng Wu lowered her little head reluctantly .

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 “Speak!” Emperor Wu bellowed .

 He was so loud…

Feng Wu slowly raised her head and looked at Emperor Wu with puppy-dog eyes . She mumbled, “If I saved someone else’s mother, not only would they pay me, they would find an opportunity to return that favor…”

 She said those words in the tiniest voice, but of course Emperor Wu wouldn’t miss any of it .

 He was so vexed that he chuckled .

 His face then turned grim . “Are you saying that I’m inferior to some commoner?”

 Still kneeling there, Feng Wu stuck out her chest and beamed at him with the brightest smile . She looked wonderful, but not as wonderful as the words that rolled off her tongue .

 “Your Majesty, you shouldn’t belittle yourself like that! You’re the greatest conqueror, adept with both the pen and the sword . You’re a paragon of virtue, striking the universe with your greatness . People respect and admire you . Your contributions will benefit generations to come, and it’s a record that has never been nor ever will be reached again . What’s more, you’re eminently talented . You have a casual and elegant bearing, and the manner of a delicate beauty, which will stay unsurpassed for generations . Everyone falls in love with you! Your martial prowess is unchallenged, you’re a genius without peer in your generation, and you have all the virtue of the greatest sages in history! There really is no other emperor like you!”

 Everyone’s mouths fell open!

 If their eyes opened any wider, their eyeballs would fall out .

 Master Bai couldn’t believe it! He almost wanted to give Feng Wu a thumbs up!

 He was known for his ingratiating expressions, and he had worked hard to expand his vocabulary . However, compared with Feng Wu, Master Bai felt that he had been thrashed .

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