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Chapter 72: Simply So Beautiful That——

"Elder Sister, why is your face red? Are you ok?" Little Seventh Feng was very nervous and worried.

Feng Wu inhaled deeply. She was going to speak, but little Seventh Feng spoke first. "Elder Sister, is Crown Prince Jun the crown prince who was engaged to you at that time?"

Feng Wu. "……"

Little Seventh Prince's pair of clear big eyes blinked, turned to Feng Wu and asked suspiciously. "Is that why you became nervous when you think of him? Can it be that Elder Sister, you're actually……"

"No!" Feng Wu answered resolutely and decisively, moreover, she even made a fist to express her firm attitude.

Little Seventh Feng gazed at Feng Wu doubtfully.

At their side, her beautiful mother had been pulling at Feng Wu, eyes gleaming with tears, lovely and pitiful, made a heart extremely pained to see it.

"Mother, what is it?" Feng Wu looked at her mother's red-rimmed eyes, and her heart pained.

Her mother's snow-white, jadelike hands pulled at Feng Wu, stroking her hair, skin, and clothes as pearl like tears rolled down, tears spilling on her jacket.

Feng Wu's heart wrenched. "Mother, what is it?"

"It's all because mother is useless." Her beautiful mother choked with sobs. "It's all because mother hasn't taken care of you well, look at your hair, so dirty to this extent, even stinking with perspiration, look at your skin, a layer of filth has grown on it, also these clothes……you're the Feng family's fifth young lady, how can you wear these coarse long skirts? These are humiliating you~~"

Her beautiful mother spoke while choking with emotion. "You should be wearing embroidered clothes, jade, gold, pretty, magnificently dressed, bearing dignified, smiling gracefully, yet now, you……you're similar to a live monkey, living in such a crude way, mother feels sorry for you~~"

Feng Wu massaged her forehead.

Mother had always put all of her efforts into turning her into a gracefully smiling, delicate, magnificently dressed, dignified, precious lady in her chamber, feeling that only this kind of delicate life would suit her daughter, but the truth is……how could it?

"Let's go, let's go, let's go, we'll go and get dressed, we can't be so crude anymore." In beautiful mother's eyes, Crown Prince Jun certainly didn't exist at all. There's only Feng Wu in her heart, of course there's also a little bit of a space set aside for little Seventh Feng.

Feng Wu also was thinking about quickly washing away the traces of Icebound Forest from her body, or else, based on Jun Lin Yuan's sharp eyesight, there'd absolutely be a problem.

Thus, for the first time, Feng Wu nodded cheerfully. "Yes!"

Her mother's greatest pleasure was to dress up Feng Wu. As a result, in all of these years, she didn't do much else. All of her time was spent on personally making clothes for Feng Wu.

One had no choice but to say, with respect to dressing up, her beautiful mother's skill was super outstanding.

Feng Wu didn't want to get dressed up at all, however, she couldn't take her beautiful mother's tears, so she could only helplessly bear with it……in any case, she already thought of a way to have Jun Lin Yuan reject her!

When a fresh and cool, clean bodied, groomed and made up Feng Wu walked out……the first one to be stunned was little Seventh Feng.

"Oh my god! You……" Little Seventh Feng covered his mouth in shock, his expression extremely exaggerated. "You you you, are you sure you're my sister? ! Are you my sister? !"

Feng Wu ordinarily was very casual, her mother wanted to grab her and dress her up, but she couldn't catch her. Therefore, that gorgeously beautiful face was without makeup and unadorned most of the time, her clothes were also as simple as they come.

However, right now, after she's dressed in rich attire, Feng Wu was simply so beautiful that——

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