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Chapter 73

Chapter 73: The Mysteries of Heaven Must Not Be Revealed

Feng Wu actually already thought it over. She knew that what Jun Lin Yuan hated most was a slow-witted beauty. Since she couldn’t escape this face of hers no matter what, then she’d just make an issue with her character. When the moment came, she’d surely have Jun Lin Yuan reject her and walk away!

And at this moment, Feng Yi Ran and Feng Liu already charged towards the front door——

Seeing the group of people standing outside the door, Feng Yi Ran was so excited his hands and feet didn’t know where to arrange themselves.

After all, at present, the Feng family had declined so much that they couldn’t even be considered one of the nine great clans anymore, and Jun Lin Yuan, he’s their great empire’s future sovereign!

“Paying respects to Crown Prince——” Feng Yi Ran

lifted up his robe at once, kneeling down extremely respectfully.

Feng Liu was even more so, holding her breath, eyes lowered, as gentle as water, quickly kneeling down along with Feng Yi Ran.

Jun Lin Yuan’s pure and cold, noble gaze scanned over them.

Feng Liu’s heart was just like a running deer’s, violently palpitating endlessly. She was truly unable to hold back, stealthily raising her eyes to look at Jun Lin Yuan, whose dense brows and deep eyes were just like the sharp and cold edge of a blade, making people tremble all over.

Handsome straight nose, thin and lovely lips, exquisite contours that were like carved to perfection.

His noble identity, influence that overflows the heavens, formidable aura, unapproachable by human beings! Simply made a person……feel a rush of excitement!

Feng Liu’s gaze and Jun Lin Yuan’s crossed in midair.

Jun Lin Yuan subconsciously knitted his brows as Feng

Feng Liu’s heart rose to her throat, so emotional her whole body was trembling!

Crown, Prince, Jun, Lin, Yuan looked at her? Crown Prince Jun……did he have, a very slight trace of a favorable impression of her? Thinking of this, Feng Liu only felt as if an electric current flowed through her entire body, and yet was also **** saturated with sweetness as the corners of her mouth almost couldn’t hold back.

How could bystanders know that Feng Liu went through so much psychological drama?

Jun Lin Yuan indifferently glanced at Feng Yi Ran as he dropped his head slightly.

Without waiting for Feng Yi Ran to get up, Jun Lin Yuan already took steps to head inside, as if Feng Yi Ran simply wasn’t in his line of sight.

Feng Yi Ran also didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with Jun Lin Yuan acting coldly and detachedly towards

detachedly towards him as he hurriedly straightened his robe and quickly walked behind him.

Jun Lin Yuan exuded a noble aura, cold faced as he walked in front, and attitude that looked at everything with disdain, as if this wasn’t the Feng residence, but rather another courtyard of his.

Feng Yi Ran followed closely behind him. He didn’t dare to speak with Jun Lin Yuan, hence he cupped his hands towards Feng Xun, smiling apologetically and lowering his voice. “Ah, Young Prince Feng, after leaving the capital, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other.”

Feng Xun was a young attendant in Jun Lin Yuan’s presence, however, before Feng Yi Ran, he was indeed quite severe, completely an attitude of a Young Prince.

He shot a glance at Feng Yi Ran and unenthusiastically uttered an ‘mm’.

Feng Yi Ran flatteringly smiled as he stepped forward apologetically. “Young Prince, Young “Young Prince, Young Prince, is it possible for you to tell me the reason Crown Prince Jun is visiting the Feng residence?”

Feng Xun smiled a smile that wasn’t a smile. “Your Feng clan……it seems that it’s possible for it to rise one position higher.”

Huh? The meaning behind this ‘rise one position higher’ is……

Suddenly, his eyes shined brightly!

The Feng clan was previously one of the nine great clans, even though they were ranked last, they were still one of the nine great clans. However, ever since Feng Wu became a cripple, the Feng clan lost their position as one of the nine great clans.

“Could it be that Young Prince Feng’s meaning is……” Feng Liu’s emotions were so stirred up, she cried out in surprise, covering her red lips.

The corners of Feng Xun’s mouth rose, smiling mysteriously, profoundly mysteriously. “Buddha said, the mysteries of heaven must not be revealed~”

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