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Chapter 71: Elder Sister, Why Is Your Hand So Cold?

It doesn't matter? After Feng Xun blanked out, he immediately laughed happily. "Ha haha, since Boss Jun said it doesn't matter, then it's decided, we go to the Feng residence! It's with great difficulty that we've come to Northern Territory City. If we didn't take a look at the current Feng Wu, I won't resign myself to it."

Fairy Mu Yao secretly said in her heart, she also wouldn't be reconciled to it!

Consequently, Fairy Mu Yao raised both hands in approval. "Right right right, let's go to the Feng residence! Let's go see what Feng Wu has grown up to look like now."

Once it's been declared that they're visiting the Feng residence, the group's strained, ice-cold atmosphere was immediately swept away, and a light, cheerful atmosphere took its place. Especially Feng Xun, he revolved around Jun Lin Yuan and made eyes at him. "Boss Jun, heh hehe, Boss Jun, ha haha——"

The corners of Jun Lin Yuan's mouth twitched slightly as he looked away.

Therefore, when a group of people stood outside the doorway——Feng Wu and Feng Yi Ran were still confronting each other.

Just at this moment, Feng Yi Ran's personal servant, He Chen, quickly ran in from outside, expression tense and gave, however, his eyes radiated an excited light!

"Eldest Young——" He Chen arrived before Feng Yi Ran, muttering something in a quiet voice by the side of his ear.

"What? !" The Feng Yi Ran from a moment ago, who carried himself as a noble and composed young lord was no longer calm and collected at this moment as he cried out in alarm. "Crown Prince Jun and a group of people are at the door? ! The young prince, also young Marquis Xuan……they've all come? !"

Feng Liu's eyes instantly shined, blossoming into the most glittering radiance, her voice quivering with excitement. "Crown Prince……Jun, Jun, Crown Prince Jun is coming? Moreover, he's already at the door? !"

He Chen nervously trembled and nodded repeatedly. "Yes! Precisely at the door."

How's Feng Yi Ran still in the mood to bother with Feng Wu's trio at the moment? He charged outside at once, taking quick steps, unable to wait, basically so excited he's unable to keep his cool!

It's actually Jun Lin Yuan, whose anger can shake the world, the Feng family had always wanted to cling to this out of reach existence.

This time, he and Feng Liu came here from the imperial capital thousands of miles away. Their purpose was precisely to have an opportunity to cling to Jun Lin Yuan, and now such a big chance had come their way, how could Feng Yi Ran not be moved? !

The clan elders actually had already spoken, as long as he could bring the Feng clan and Crown Prince Jun together, then he'd be granted the position of the clan's successor!

Feng Yi Ran completely disregarded appearances as he rushed out like a gust of wind!

Feng Liu was even more stirred up as her entire body trembled, eyes shining in excitement, no longer interested in Feng Wu. Her biggest idol was Jun Lin Yuan!

Feng Yi Ran's speed was fast, Feng Liu's speed was also not slow. The two brother and sister disappeared without a trace in a flash.

In the blink of an eye, in the courtyard, there remained only Feng Wu's group of three people.

And at present, Feng Wu's heart practically collapsed!

Jun Lin Yuan? Feng Xun? Xuan Yi? They, why did they come to the Feng Residence?

Don't tell me, could it be that they knew that little Fifth is Feng Wu?

Did they know that she's the one who snatched away the Immortal Spirit Fruit's juice?

Thinking of this, Feng Wu only felt the pit of her stomach violently moving up and down, her heart pounding forcefully, so quickly it practically jumped out of her throat.

"Elder Sister, Elder Sister, why is your hand so cold?" Little Seventh Feng nervously turned towards Feng Wu. "Elder Sister, are you ok?"

Could Feng Wu be ok? She had disguised herself as a pig to eat a tiger, hiding within Jun Lin Yuan's group, and finally even took advantage of Yu Ming Ye's strength, to cause confusion and snatch the spirit juice, furthermore, she even, even kissed Jun Lin Yuan……OH MY GOD!

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