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Chapter 718: 718

After that, Lady Northern Feng began to browbeat the old lady . “Your Majesty, Master Chu won’t be able to treat you . ”

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 The empress dowager stared at Master Chu in turn .

 Master Chu gave her a wry smile . “Miss Feng Wu is indeed a better doctor than I am . There’s no doubt of it . ”

 The empress dowager was speechless .

 The old lady had never felt this defeated in her life . She looked up and threw a dirty look at Feng Wu!

 Feng Wu rubbed her nose .

 What on earth did she do? It seemed that the capricious empress dowager had made up her mind to dislike her .

 However, everything happened for a reason, and the empress dowager’s bias was no exception .

 It was just that Feng Wu hadn’t found out what that reason was .

 While Lady Northern Feng stayed behind to placate the empress dowager, Emperor Wu glanced at Feng Wu, then walked out of the room .

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 He stood outside Cining Palace, facing away from the door . Dressed in his thick cape, the emperor looked authoritative and majestic from behind .

 “Your Majesty…”

 Feng Wu bowed in reverence .

 The Emperor Wu now was a different person from the son in Cining Palace a moment ago .

 When he was around the empress dowager, Emperor Wu acted like any normal son .

 As expected, Emperor Wu turned his head and stared at Feng Wu with his piercing black eyes . His voice was as cold as frost . “You did well . ”

 He acknowledged her work .

 However, Feng Wu felt a chill run down her spine and cold sweat covered her back .

 Emperor Wu marched off after that .

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 Feng Wu was still dazed when Master Bai went up to her and reminded her in a low voice, “Miss Wu, what are you doing standing here?”

 “…Right . ”

 Feng Wu had no idea where Emperor Wu was going and what he had in mind, but she had no choice but to follow .

 And here was what the others witnessed in the imperial palace that day .

 The tall, strong Emperor Wu strode quickly along the corridors .

 The tiny, pretty Feng Wu followed him in a hurry .

 Before long, Feng Wu arrived outside a prison .

 A prison?

 What were they doing here?

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 However, Emperor Wu seemed to be in a foul mood at the moment . His eyes were brooding and he gave off an intimidating air . Feng Wu didn’t dare to ask and had to keep her silence .

 A dark, long passageway led them to a cell .

 Feng Wu expected to see a dark, damp, and humid place with a foul air .

 To her surprise, the cell was in quite acceptable condition: it was dry, tidy, and didn’t have any particular smell .

 The prisoners on this level were all important criminals of the imperial court .

 Conflicted looks appeared on many faces when the prisoners saw the emperor, and they dropped to their knees, one after another .

 As Emperor Wu walked in, everyone on the way, prisoners and guards alike, knelt and prostrated, awed by the emperor’s majestic presence .

 Feng Wu thought to herself: well, that was what it was like to be an emperor . He was so superior that he could have anyone decapitated with a glance .

 One sentence and he could have an entire clan wiped off the face of the earth .

 Feng Wu took a deep breath and forced herself to focus .

 She knew what her problem was .

 Because she was essentially a modern woman, she didn’t have the adequate reverence toward the emperor ingrained in her .

 But the fact was that she was living in a world with an autocratic monarchy now, and here, martial prowess was valued above all else .

 She had only just restarted her cultivation and she was much weaker than the average government official, not to mention the emperor himself . Who was she to feel unintimidated by the emperor?

 Once Feng Wu figured that out, she was much more relieved .

 When she looked up, she saw that the door to a cell a few steps away had opened .

 And Emperor Wu had sat down in a chair .

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