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Chapter 719

Tucking his hands in the thick cape, Emperor Wu sat there with a nonchalant and distant look on his face . It was as if the others were nothing but ants to him .

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 A man was taken out of one of the cells .

 It was a refined middle-aged man with a square face and a broad forehead .

 Upon seeing Emperor Wu, something flickered in the middle-aged man’s indifferent eyes .

 “Your Majesty, you’ve finally spared some time for me . ” The middle-aged man stared at Emperor Wu and spoke in a tone that was neither too humble nor too pushy . He even sounded a little egoistic .

 For he was confident that what he had done wouldn’t get him killed . Moreover, the Zuo family would be pulling every string they had to get him out .

 Hence, Emperor Wu wouldn’t let him die, and it was even possible that the man would get away with a slap on the wrist .

 “Feng Wu, speak,” Emperor Wu smiled a little and said in an indifferent tone .

 Speak? Did he mean it?

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 Staring at Mr Zuo, Feng Wu recalled how the Zuo family had tried to kill her five years ago!

 In the end, it was Zuo Qingluan who had deprived Feng Wu of all her cultivation ability .

 And Mr Zuo was one of the culprits back then!

 The Zuo family!

 And Mr Zuo!

 Feng Wu raised her voice all of a sudden . “Mr Zuo, it’s been a while . ”

 Mr Zuo was bewildered . “Miss, you are…”

 “Mr Zuo, do you not know who I am? Otherwise, why are you locked up here?” Feng Wu smiled .

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 “You’re… Feng Wu?!” Mr Zuo finally recognized her face .

 The girl had changed greatly from five years ago, and she only remotely looked like the little girl she had been .

 She was stunning now!

 The moment he saw Feng Wu’s face, Mr Zuo felt deeply threatened .

 Zuo Qingluan had always considered herself the top socialite of the imperial capital in appearance, talent, and cultivation .

 However, as soon as Mr Zuo saw Feng Wu, he was astonished by how beautiful she was .

 Talk about bringing down cities and conquering the world with one’s beauty alone . The girl had yet to reach her full potential, and when that happened…

Mr Zuo couldn’t imagine how Zuo Qingluan would react when she saw Feng Wu’s face .

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 “I’m Feng Wu, the one whose exam paper was switched out by Mr Zuo . I almost didn’t make it to the next round . Thanks to His Majesty, our most sagacious emperor, my exam paper was retrieved . ” Feng Wu smiled at Mr Zuo .

 Mr Zuo fidgeted . The girl might as well have slapped him in public . Such a blatant accusation could embarrass an experienced politician like himself .

 He looked up and stared at Feng Wu with a grim look on his face .

 The girl was so level-headed . Mr Zuo had been observing Feng Wu the whole time and comparing her with Zuo Qingluan .

 Before Feng Wu showed up, Mr Zuo had always believed that Zuo Qingluan was doubtlessly the most eminent young lady of note in the imperial capital .

 But his faith was shaken after meeting Feng Wu…

Mr Zuo’s first reaction was to check Feng Wu’s cultivation ability!

 Detecting no spiritual essence, Mr Zuo sighed with relief .

 That settled Mr Zuo’s mind right away and he no longer saw Feng Wu as a threat . “Your Majesty, I’ve been treated unjustly!”

 Emperor Wu had kept his eye on Mr Zuo the whole time . Upon hearing those words, a chilly, unfathomable look flickered in the emperor’s eyes .

 “Go on,” Emperor Wu said casually .

 Darting a look at Feng Wu, Mr Zuo said in a solemn tone, “The incident with the exam paper only happened because that teacher tried to play up to me . I myself found his conduct unnecessary the whole time . ”

 “Really?” Emperor Wu said indifferently .

 Mr Zuo sounded very calm . “Your Majesty, all crimes have motives . I had no reason to steal Feng Wu’s paper . ”

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