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Chapter 717

Lady Northern Feng pointed at herself and Feng Wu took the hint right away .

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 “Your Majesty, that was a misunderstanding . ” Lady Northern Feng sat down next to the empress dowager, held the old lady’s hand, and explained to her, “You were in grave danger just then… you could have died!”

 The empress dowager frowned and glanced at Emperor Wu, who nodded at her .

 “Was it that bad…”

 “Yes, it was very serious . Everything happened so suddenly and Master Chu wasn’t around . Xiao Wu was the one who saved you,” Lady Northern Feng explained . “Your Majesty, Xiao Wu is a wonderful doctor . Even Master Chu agrees with that . Right, Master Chu?”

 The empress dowager turned to Master Chu, looking a little confused .

 Master Chu smiled bitterly, but Lady Northern Feng was telling the truth . He had said it himself earlier .

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 He could only nod . “Miss Feng Wu is unparalleled in her medical skills . I admit my defeat and I admire her from the bottom of my heart . ”

 The empress dowager was dumbfounded . She glanced at Feng Wu in suspicion . “That girl?”

 Lady Northern Feng nodded . “Your Majesty, it really was her . She practically saved you from death . We wouldn’t be sitting here talking if it wasn’t for her . Xiao Wu is as great a doctor as she’s claimed to be . ”

 The empress dowager looked at Emperor Wu again .

 Emperor Wu nodded affirmatively .

 The stubborn empress dowager still wouldn’t be convinced . She didn’t want to believe it!

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 Seeing how obstinate the empress dowager was, Lady Northern Feng smiled bitterly . “Your Majesty, saving you wasn’t the only thing Xiao Wu did . She also cleared up your clogged energy channels . You can check for yourself . Spiritual essence has begun to gather inside you again . Am I right?”


 The empress dowager examined her own body, and there was indeed a trace of spiritual essence in her dantian…

“Yes!” The empress dowager was exhilarated and she tugged at Lady Northern Feng . “Yaya, I have spiritual essence! I have it!”

 “Right?” The lady smiled and began to cajole the empress dowager . “Xiao Wu is really amazing . Don’t you think so?”

 Recalling all the things she had been saying about Feng Wu in front of her, the empress dowager was embarrassed .

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 She said proudly, “Even if that’s the case… she’s a commoner of the Junwu Empire, which makes her my subject . Isn’t it her duty to help me? What other option did she have?”

 Lady Northern Feng didn’t like the sound of that at all .

 What did she mean by “having no other options”? All Feng Wu had to do was twist her wrist the wrong way and the old lady would be silenced forever .

 Of course, Lady Northern Feng knew better than to speak her mind . She only frowned .

 “If you ask me, Miss Feng Wu only saved Her Majesty to save herself . Because if anything happened to Her Majesty, Feng Wu would be the first to get blamed . After all, Her Majesty fell ill because of her!” Empress Dugu jumped out right on time .

 The empress dowager nodded repeatedly . “The empress is right . I got sick because I was angry with her . If anything, I should settle accounts with her first . How dare she try to take credit for fulfilling her duty? Hmph!”

 1Blue veins popped on Lady Northern Feng’s forehead .

 That was so unreasonable of the old lady!

 Feng Wu only smiled . “Your Majesty was right . I only did what I did out of self-preservation . Now that both of us are fine, I think we have the ideal outcome . ”

 After that, Feng Wu turned to leave .

 Lady Northern Feng stopped Feng Wu right away . “Xiao Wu, you can’t leave just like that!”

 She turned to the empress dowager in exasperation . “Your Majesty, only your symptoms have been treated . With Xiao Wu gone, no one will be able to work out a permanent cure for you . We’ll be so worried . ”

 The empress dowager pouted at Lady Northern Feng’s words .

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