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Chapter 715: 715

Master Chu went up to check the empress dowager’s pulse, and the look on his face changed abruptly .

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 Everyone looked at him in bewilderment .

 “What…” Master Chu looked confused . “How can this be?”

 The others were so intrigued!

 What happened? Just tell them!

 “Is it good news or bad news?” Lady Northern Feng was the most direct one .

 Master Chu smacked his thigh . “Of course it’s good news! It’s the best news! Have none of you realized that Her Majesty has a little bit of spiritual essence in her now?”

 “What —”

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 Everyone, the emperor included, was surprised .

 They only noticed the change after Master Chu pointed it out .

 “The empress dowager has spiritual essence now?”

 “Her Majesty was once badly injured . Because of that, and with her old age, a lot of her energy channels were blocked . If spiritual essence can really start to flow in Her Majesty’s body again, her health will improve greatly!” Master Chu couldn’t control the excitement in his voice .

 “And! What’s more important is that —” Master Chu turned to Emperor Wu . “Your Majesty, do you still remember what I mentioned before? That Her Majesty’s days are numbered . ”

 Emperor Wu clearly didn’t like the mention of that at all .

 Master Chu went on in his agitated tone, “But, with spiritual essence flowing now, Her Majesty’s energy channels are unclogged, which will prolong her life! This is great news!”

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 Emperor Wu was finally moved . “Are you sure?”

 “Yes! Absolutely!” Master Chu turned to Feng Wu for confirmation . “Miss Feng, am I right?”

 Feng Wu nodded . “Yes . ”

 Emperor Wu was overjoyed!

 Being emperor, he couldn’t have asked for more “career wise” . However, as a filial son, he would give anything in exchange for a few more years of his mother’s life!

 “Good . That’s good . ” Emperor Wu took a deep breath . “Glad to hear it!”

 Empress Dugu felt like she had blacked out .

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 She couldn’t for the life of her figure out why everything seemed to act against her . Nothing she wanted ever worked out, and what was worse, everything had played into Feng Wu’s hands .

 1It was as if Feng Wu was the beloved daughter of God himself!

 “But… Her Majesty hasn’t woken up yet… Are we sure everything’s fine?” Since none of the emperor’s concubines were here, Empress Dugu could only ask the question herself . She tried her best to make Feng Wu look suspicious .

 It definitely wasn’t Empress Dugu’s lucky day . As soon as she asked that question, the fingers of the empress dowager, who still lay there with her eyes closed, moved slightly .

 Lady Northern Feng cried out in excitement . “Her Majesty’s fingers moved! I saw it!”

 Then, as everyone watched, the most respected woman in the empire opened her eyes .

 For a moment, they were all bemused .

 The empress dowager’s eyes had gone cloudy as she aged, and she had also developed cataracts . As a result, the old lady had been suffering from poor eyesight for a while .

 However, when she opened her eyes now, they saw that her eyes were as clear and bright as those of a baby, as if they had been washed clean with some miracle water!

 That was why everyone was so surprised .

 “What…” Empress Dugu’s face turned livid .

 The empress dowager then sat up without anyone’s help .

 Everyone was speechless .

 The empress dowager had had a ruptured blood vessel in her brain only six hours ago, but now, she could sit up on her own! That was so unbelievable!

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