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Chapter 716: 716

Rubbing her forehead, the empress dowager turned around to see all the astonished faces, which made her jump . “What are all these people doing here?”

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 “Mother —”

 Emperor Wu went up to her and held her hands . “Mother, how do you feel? Any pain?”

 The empress dowager considered for a moment . “Pain? No, I feel fine . ”

 “Mother, do you remember what happened before you fainted?” Emperor Wu asked tentatively .

 “Before I fainted…” Everything then came back to the empress dowager . She smacked herself on the forehead and cried out softly in pain .

 Lady Northern Feng stopped her in a hurry . “Your Majesty, you just narrowly escaped death . Please don’t do that to your head . ”

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 The lady had almost had a heart attack when she heard that the empress dowager had an aneurysm .

 Before the empress dowager could process Lady Northern Feng’s words, she grabbed the latter by the arm . “Yaya! That Feng Wu is too young to be a good doctor! She must have tricked you! I’ve been thinking . You can give her something nice, but don’t have her as your goddaughter!”

 For a moment, the others all looked at the empress dowager strangely .

 Lady Northern Feng wanted to say something, but words failed her .

 The empress dowager patted Lady Northern Feng on the head with a stern look on her face . “Are you listening to me? That girl is tricking you! She’s not becoming your goddaughter!”

 Emperor Wu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry . “Mother…”

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 The empress dowager glared at Emperor Wu . “You, too! I know you dote on your sister, but you have to listen to me on this!”

 The willful empress dowager was acting exactly like a child now . Lady Northern Feng shook her head helplessly .

 At the thought of the grave danger the old lady had been in and how lively she was now, Lady Northern Feng felt that she couldn’t thank Feng Wu enough . Turning around, she took Feng Wu’s hands . “Kid, thank you so much . ”

 “What —”

 Only then did the empress dowager notice Feng Wu and her eyes lit up .

At her age, the empress dowager adored good-looking teenagers like all grandmothers did . Her face lit up when she saw Feng Wu . “What a nice-looking girl . She’s as eye-catching as that girl of the Zuo family, if you ask me . ”

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 By “the girl of the Zuo family,” she meant Zuo Qingluan .

 Lady Northern Feng had no idea of the enmity between Feng Wu and Zuo Qingluan . She said with a smile, “Your Majesty, you’re spot on . This girl is even prettier than the Zuo girl . ”

 “That’s right . ” The empress dowager was delighted to see a pretty girl . She patted the seat next to her and said, “Kiddo, come sit with me . ”

 Feng Wu was at a loss over what to say .

 However, she still did as told and sat down next to the empress dowager .

 “What’s your name? How old are you? Which family are you from?” At her age and with her status, the empress dowager had seen her fair share of good-looking people, not to mention that the imperial palace was filled with beautiful women .

However, this girl was different . She still had yet to reach her potential, but she was already a beauty . What was more, there was something non-aggressive about her look, making those around her feel very comfortable and relaxed .

 With a smile, Feng Wu said calmly, “Your Majesty, my name is Feng Wu . ”

 “Feng Wu?” The empress dowager didn’t recognize that name at first . But when she saw Lady Northern Feng, who was trying to fight back her grin…

“Feng Wu!” The empress dowager cried out and glared at the girl . “You’re Feng Wu? The girl who tried to trick Yaya? You little liar! How dare you!”

Feng Wu was confused . “Yaya?”

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