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Published at 1st of July 2020 04:30:11 AM
Chapter 714
Chapter 714: What’s That Supposed to Mean?

Empress Dugu hated the empress dowager and Feng Wu even more .

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Just then, there was a creaking sound .

The door opened .

“How did it go?” Lady Northern Feng was the first to ask .

Feng Wu gave her a little nod, then said, “It went well . I’ve cleared out the excessive blood in Her Majesty’s head, but that’s only temporary relief . ”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Emperor Wu turned his cold gaze on Feng Wu .

“It means I’ve only cured the symptoms, not the disease . If we don’t find the cause and get rid of it, this can happen again; when that happens, she’ll be beyond saving . ”

“Is it that serious?!” Emperor Wu’s face turned livid and he glared at Master Chu .

Master Chu knelt down . “…Your Majesty, this is all my fault . I’ve been busy with my practice and…”

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Emperor Wu ignored Master Chu, then turned back to Feng Wu . “What’s your plan?”

Feng Wu said calmly, “The symptoms are in Her Majesty’s head, but it started in her kidneys . Kidney deficiency results in a lack of nutrition in the liver . The liver then becomes overheated, producing phlegm that can’t be released . That’s why Her Majesty is in such critical condition .

“As the traditional saying goes in my profession, ’emergency treatment is temporary; execute a permanent cure in moderate conditions . ’ Now that the most life-threatening period is over, we can make a gradual approach toward a permanent cure . I think I’ll start with the kidneys . ”

Emperor Wu went on staring at Feng Wu with a grim look on his face .

Picking up a pen, Feng Wu read out the prescription in an unhurried voice . “We’ll start with Ease Powder to nourish the liver, dispel the evil energy, and reduce phlegm . After that, we’ll move on to a medicine with spine date seed as its chief ingredient, which will further nourish the liver and calm the mind…”

Emperor Wu darted a look at Master Chu .

Master Chu nodded repeatedly . “Yes! That’s perfect!”

Emperor Wu didn’t know what to say .

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He turned to Feng Wu . “When will Her Majesty wake up, then?”

“Feed the medicine to her every two hours and Her Majesty should wake up after three doses . It’s just that she won’t be able to regain mobility yet . ”

Emperor Wu nodded .

One couldn’t help but doubt Feng Wu’s medical skills because of how young she was . However, she had proven her unquestionable capability . All they could do now was wait six hours .

Emperor Wu had the servants fetch the medicine .

Every minute felt as long as an hour .

Finally, six hours passed .

But the empress dowager showed no sign of waking up .

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Empress Dugu clenched her handkerchief, then stared at Feng Wu . “Miss Feng, didn’t you say that Her Majesty would wake up in six hours? But she’s still unconscious . ”

Feng Wu looked at the empress with a strange expression on her face .

All eyes were on Feng Wu now and Emperor Wu stared at her with his piercing gaze!

The look on Feng Wu’s face became even stranger . She went up to the empress dowager and checked her pulse .

She then withdrew her hand and slowly rose to her feet .

“Feng Wu, did you make Her Majesty worse?! The empress dowager isn’t waking up, is she?!” Empress Dugu cried out .

Emperor Wu looked like he was ready to kill someone!

Feng Wu still said nothing .

Empress Dugu was so sure that Feng Wu had failed to save the empress dowager!

A gloating look flickered in her eyes!

Feng Wu was so doomed! She was!

However, Empress Dugu was still laughing inwardly when —

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