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Published at 1st of July 2020 04:30:22 AM
Chapter 710

Master Chu sighed in amazement . “I admire that person so much because they were able to stop the rupture with acupuncture alone . Moreover, they stopped Her Majesty’s internal energy from running amuck and guided it into her brain to restore balance . How spectacular! That’s something I’ll probably never be able to do . ”

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 Emperor Wu couldn’t help but dart another look at Feng Wu . That girl was such an amazing doctor? He hadn’t known that before .

 “Your Majesty, who on earth is this master?” Master Chu asked eagerly . “With what they’ve done so far, they have at least a 60% chance of saving Her Majesty . ”

 “She still needs saving?!” Emperor Wu stared at Master Chu .

 Master Chu nodded . “That’s right, Your Majesty . The empress dowager is still in grave danger and we need that master’s expertise again . Otherwise, I’m not sure Her Majesty will survive this!”

 All eyes were on Feng Wu now .

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 If Master Chu was telling the truth, Feng Wu was a shockingly exceptional doctor .

 Master Chu went on, “I’m sure the master is a respected elder, aren’t they? Who could it be? Is it Old Master Ba? Is the old master back?!”

 Emperor Wu shook his head .

 “No? Then who else can it be? Since when did the Junwu Empire have such a remarkable medicine refiner? And why don’t I know anything about it? I’ve been so ignorant…”

 The looks the others gave Master Chu were full of sympathy .

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 He wasn’t the only ignorant one . Everyone was ignorant!

 “We have to find this medicine refiner and invite the person to join the bureau of physicians . Once Her Majesty is cured, I’ll have to get some tips from the elder about my elevation to the Supreme Level . It’s vital that we invite them over!”

 The others turned to look at Feng Wu once more .

 Master Chu was bewildered . “Why are you all looking at her? Is she…”

 Everyone nodded .

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 Yes, it’s her . Master Chu, you guessed right .

 Master Chu went up to Feng Wu and asked in an excited voice, “Kid, where are the senior members of your family? May I meet them?”

 Feng Wu looked perfectly innocent . “The senior members of my family? Master Chu, why do you want to meet them?”

 Master Chu cajoled, “Young lady, since they’re great masters, it’s only natural that they don’t receive random visitors . Would you please let them know that Chu Feiran from Chu State begs an audience?”

 Feng Wu didn’t say anything .

 Master Chu smiled awkwardly . “Young lady, that’s all I’m asking…”

 Lady Northern Feng interrupted in time . “Master Chu, you’re mistaken . That person wasn’t Xiao Wu’s family member, but Xiao Wu herself . ”

 It took Master Chu a moment to process that piece of information .

 But soon —

 “What did you say?!” Master Chu almost jumped to his feet and he stared at Lady Northern Feng . “Are you telling me that she saved Her Majesty? This teenage girl?”

 Lady Northern Feng nodded solemnly . “That’s right . It was indeed her . ”

 “That’s impossible!!!” Master Chu couldn’t believe his ears . “You’re not making any sense! She’s no more than 15 years old, and even if she began practicing medicine in her mother’s womb, she would never be able to achieve so much in less than 15 years! The person that performed that procedure has to be a Supreme Level medicine refiner at least —

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