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Chapter 709

“What’s your conclusion?” Emperor Wu stared at Master Chu .

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 Master Chu said, “Her Majesty has a cerebroma which ruptured due to chronic nephritis and hypertension, and it was an acute attack . The common symptoms include nausea, vomiting, headache, convulsions… and it’s usually lethal within five minutes .

 “From what I can detect, the aneurysm in Her Majesty’s brain should have put her in a critical condition, but Her Majesty was able to hold on for over twenty minutes . Moreover, she’s not vomiting or convulsing . ”

 Master Chu looked bemused . “I don’t understand . I’ve been doing this for so many years and something like this shouldn’t have happened . There must be another explanation!”

 While Master Chu was still pondering the question, all the others had turned to look at Feng Wu .

 Empress Dugu’s face was livid!

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 What Master Chu said indirectly proved what a wonderful doctor Feng Wu was .

 Had it not been for Feng Wu’s treatment, the empress dowager would be dead by now .

 She did it! She actually did it! Clenching her fists, Empress Dugu gritted her teeth . She was considering writing Zuo Qingluan a letter after returning to her bedroom .

 Emperor Wu glanced at Feng Wu at that moment as well . He cleared his throat . “Someone treated Her Majesty before you arrived . ”

 “That explains everything!” Master Chu clapped his hands . “Yes! That explains why Her Majesty is still safe and sound after her aneurysm . That person is so amazing!”

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 “Are they?”

 Master Chu looked excited . “Yes, of course! That person is a spectacular doctor! If I’ve guessed right, their skills are much more advanced than mine!”


A hush fell over the hall…

Everyone looked at Feng Wu in silence .

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 According to Master Chu, Feng Wu was a better doctor than he was? How was that even possible?

 Master Chu turned to Emperor Wu . “Your Majesty, where’s that master? That person should be the one treating Her Majesty now . ”

 The others were dumbfounded .  You’re Master Chu, the best imperial physician we’ve got . How are we supposed to go to someone else when you’re here?

 Emperor Wu stared at Master Chu with a livid face . “…Are you telling me you can’t help Her Majesty?”

 Medicine refiners were so prestigious that even Emperor Wu couldn’t lash out at them at will . He could only express his anger with a livid face .

 Master Chu smiled bitterly . “Your Majesty, Her Majesty the empress dowager has an ailment in her brain, and we need to extract that clot as soon as possible without damaging the brainstem . None of my people can perform such a delicate operation . As for myself… Well, I could certainly try, but I only stand a fifty-fifty chance . However, Your Majesty might have heard, I’m working my way up to the Supreme Level, which has used up much of my spiritual essence . I’m afraid I only have a 20% chance of saving Her Majesty . ”

 20%? Master Chu would never dare try it on the empress dowager . Even if he did, Emperor Wu wouldn’t allow it .

 Master Chu smiled in resignation . “Therefore, Your Majesty, we better leave the job to that master . They’ll do wonders . ”

 “Is that person that good?” Emperor Wu glanced at Feng Wu .

 She was just a slim 13-year-old girl . Was she really that great a doctor? Even if she started from birth, she would only have had thirteen years of practice .

 “Yes! That good!” Master Chu said in a serious tone . He then began to praise this master .

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