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Published at 1st of July 2020 04:30:18 AM
Chapter 711

“You!” Master Chu stared at Feng Wu so hard that his eyes almost popped out . “Tell me Lady Northern Feng was joking . ”

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 Feng Wu only smiled .

 Instead of answering the question, she went up to the empress dowager and stuck a handful of silver needles in the old lady’s head .

 “Her Majesty is in grave danger . Master Chu, are you sure this is the right time to interrogate me?”

 Master Chu was speechless .

 He wanted to retort, but was rendered speechless by Feng Wu’s consummate acupuncture skills .

Facts spoke louder than words .

 As soon as he saw Feng Wu in action, Master Chu realized that the girl was an exceptional medical practitioner .

 Feng Wu looked around at the crowd, then shook her head at Emperor Wu . “There are too many people here . ”

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 Master Chu stared at Feng Wu . “Are you going to treat Her Majesty now?!”

 Feng Wu looked back at him in bewilderment . “Her Majesty is in critical condition . She could die without immediate treatment . I have to start as soon as possible . ”

 “Can you promise you’ll cure Her Majesty?” Emperor Wu fixed his intimidating gaze on Feng Wu, which sent a chill down her spine .

 Feng Wu looked back at Emperor Wu and said in a much more polite tone,”Your Majesty, Her Majesty the empress dowager is very ill and no doctor can say that they’re 100% sure they can cure a patient . I’m no exception . ”

 She then quickly drafted a letter of commitment . “Your Majesty, I’ll start treating Her Majesty after you sign this . ”

 Emperor Wu took a look at the piece of paper and his face turned livid . “Nonsense!”

 Spiritual essence swept across the room like a gust of wind!

 Everyone dropped to their knees!

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 Feng Wu felt an unfathomable force pressing down on her shoulders .

 Rumble —

 Every part of Feng Wu cried out in pain and her knees almost turned numb .

 Such was the formidable power of the ruler of the Junwu Empire!

 Everyone else had prostrated on the floor and Feng Wu was the only one standing .

 Emperor Wu was indeed worthy of his fame . One couldn’t begin to imagine the horror of being his target .

 Even their souls quivered .

 Compared with Emperor Wu, Feng Wu was as fragile as a newborn .

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 She was soaked in cold sweat . Blue veins popped on her skin and blood began to ooze out of her pores .

 She was being crushed!

 She couldn’t stop her slender legs from shaking!

 When facing absolute strength, willpower and endurance were nothing but jokes .

 Thump —

 Feng Wu’s legs gave out and she dropped to her knees with a thump!

 She wasn’t submitting to a ruler, but to his unquestionable strength!

 “Are you insisting on the signature?” asked Emperor Wu in a majestic, impassive voice . His gaze felt like icy blades on her skin .

 Emperor Wu was a dutiful son . He had never forgotten the days when he and his mother depended on each other for survival in a forgotten corner of the imperial palace . His mother had gone through many tribulations to make him emperor .

 Hence, he valued his mother more than anyone else .

 That was why here in Cining Palace, Emperor Wu and the empress dowager could interact like any ordinary mother and son without the ritualistic formalities .

 Now that the empress dowager’s life was in danger, Emperor Wu was as worried as he was furious .

 “Your Majesty…”

 Master Chu wanted to interject, but Emperor Wu only stared at him with cold eyes and stressed each word . “If anything happens to Her Majesty, Chu Feiran, what do you think will happen to your head?”

 Master Chu broke into a cold sweat .

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