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Published at 1st of July 2020 04:30:27 AM
Chapter 708

Feng Wu tapped the old lady’s forehead with her index finger .

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 The pale green light scattered before disappearing into the empress dowager’s body .

 It was just that the process had been blocked from sight by Feng Wu’s wide sleeve, and no one else had seen it .

 Afterward, Feng Wu removed all the silver needles from the empress dowager, disinfected them, and packed them back up before putting the bundle back into her sleeve .

 She then steadily rose to her feet and nodded calmly at Emperor Wu .

 Emperor Wu had kept his gaze on the empress dowager the entire time . To his amazement, he saw that the old lady, who had been convulsing and twitching, had really quieted down . Apart from her closed eyes and her pale face, she actually looked alright .

 Emperor Wu stared at Feng Wu!

 “She’s not awake! Why have you stopped?”

 Feng Wu raised an eyebrow . “Your Majesty, do you still require my service?”

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 That question almost gave Emperor Wu a heart attack!

 What kind of doctor would stop in the middle of treatment to ask that question, not to mention that she was treating the empress dowager? That girl was audacious to the extreme!

 “What’s wrong with Her Majesty the empress dowager?!” Emperor Wu glared at Feng Wu .

 Feng Wu gave it some thought before asking the emperor, “Your Majesty, would you like to hear the truth, or…”

 Emperor Wu didn’t know what to make of that question . “Of course I want the truth! Do you know how serious this is?!”

 Feng Wu sighed . “The truth is… Her Majesty has a ruptured cerebroma caused by chronic nephritis and hypertension . ”

 “Huh?” Emperor Wu was dumbfounded .

 Those words sounded familiar, but put together, he had no idea what that phrase meant .

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 And he wasn’t the only one baffled .

 “What was that?” Everyone eyed each other in bewilderment .

 Before Feng Wu could explain —

 Hasty footsteps came from outside .

 Granny Lan dragged Master Chu into the hall so forcefully that she tore his robe .

 “Quickly, quickly —” Granny Lan pushed Master Chu into the room .

 Everyone was speechless .

 Master Chu’s forehead was covered with sweat when he ran into the hall in his unkempt clothes . He looked up, saw Emperor Wu, and was going to kneel .

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 Emperor Wu glowered . “Cut the crap and help Her Majesty!”

 He had already moved his mother onto the bed .

 “Alright, alright —”

 Master Chu went to check her pulse .

 However, the look on his face kept getting stranger, and in the end, he even looked glad .

 It took him fifteen minutes to finish checking her pulse .

 Emperor Wu asked eagerly, “How’s Her Majesty doing?”

 Master Chu looked conflicted . He seemed to want to say something, but hesitated .

 “What do you know? Speak!” Emperor Wu frowned at Master Chu and he sounded disgruntled .

 His mother was still lying there, unconscious .

 “Your Majesty —”

 After some thought, Master Chu said, “In simple terms, Her Majesty suffers from high blood pressure caused by chronic nephritis, which led to this cerebral hemorrhage…”

 Emperor Wu said, “You mean a ruptured cerebroma caused by chronic nephritis and hypertension?”

 “Yes! That’s it!” Master Chu nodded repeatedly . “Cerebroma… cerebroma… that’s exactly what that blood clot is! Your Majesty, that’s the most accurate summarization! That’s exactly it!”

 Emperor Wu glanced at Feng Wu . That girl really knew her stuff .

 Master Chu said, “What happened to Her Majesty was very sudden and very serious! However, the unusual thing is that —”

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