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Chapter 707: 707

“Take her! Take Feng Wu down! She wants to kill Her Majesty the empress dowager!”

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 Lady Northern Feng was infuriated!

 Damn that Empress Dugu . That woman was always trying to stir things up .

 Lady Northern Feng moved before she could think . She slapped Empress Dugu . “Shut the f**k up!”

 1Wow —

 Everyone was dumbfounded!

 O . M . G .

 That was the empress!

 The wife of the emperor!

 Empress Dugu of the famous Dugu clan!

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 And Lady Northern Feng had just slapped her!

 Even Empress Dugu herself was baffled and she stared at Lady Northern Feng in disbelief . “How… How dare you hit me?!”

 Lady Northern Feng brushed her aside . “Her Majesty is in grave danger and you’re only thinking about taking personal revenge! Is that what an empress should do? I don’t have time for this! His Majesty can punish me however he wants after Her Majesty is saved . One more word and I’ll kill you!”

 Lady Northern Feng glared at the empress when she said the last few words .

 Her tone was as bone-chilling as the look in her eyes .

 Empress Dugu’s stomach lurched .

 She hated Lady Northern Feng, but she knew perfectly well that if she kept bickering with Lady Northern Feng, even her husband wouldn’t take her side .

 Emperor Wu, the filial son, could no longer think straight when he saw the condition the empress dowager was in . He was at a loss over what to do .

 “Where are the imperial physicians? Fetch Master Chu!”

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 Emperor Wu yelled .

 The maids and eunuchs all rushed out to look for Master Chu .

 Meanwhile, Feng Wu had taken out a row of silver needles .


 With the needles in her right hand, Feng Wu removed the empress dowager’s robe with her left hand .

 “What are you doing?!” Emperor Wu glared at Feng Wu with a murderous look on his face .

 Any other person would be quivering under the pressure and lose their composure .

 Feng Wu only looked at Emperor Wu and stated the facts in a level tone . “Her Majesty is gravely ill at the moment . If I don’t do anything, she’ll be dead in three minutes . I can buy her an additional fifteen minutes . Your Majesty, it’s up to you now . ”

 Although the old lady didn’t like her, Feng Wu had to do something for her own sake .

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 Moreover, Feng Wu knew that Jun Linyuan was close to the old lady . If he knew that Feng Wu refused to help his grandmother, she would be in a lot of trouble .

 Chest heaving, Emperor Wu was astonished by Feng Wu’s words .

 “Three minutes?”

 “Yes . Two minutes and fifty seconds now . ”

 “You…” His mother was convulsing on the floor .

 “Can you promise you can save her?”

 Lady Northern Feng rushed over before Feng Wu could reply . She stared at Emperor Wu . “I, Shi Yaran, swear on my life! If Feng Wu fails to save Her Majesty, you can cut my head off!”

 Emperor Wu kept his gaze on Lady Northern Feng .

 “One minute,” Feng Wu reminded him in a calm voice .

 Emperor Wu gritted his teeth . Master Chu still hadn’t shown up, and if they waited any longer…

“Fine! I’ll have your head on a plate if you can’t save my mother!”

 Hardly had Emperor Wu finished his sentence when Feng Wu stuck the silver needles into the old lady .

 She used 18 needles in total from the old lady’s head to her abdomen .

 It took Feng Wu less than three seconds to work all the needles in .

 That skill alone was enough to baffle Emperor Wu .

 Then, Feng Wu flipped her right hand up and a dot of pale green light appeared in her palm .

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