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Published at 27th of June 2020 04:30:18 AM
Chapter 705

Feng Wu said, “We’ll build the foundation first . After the underground formations are complete, I’ll make some partial changes based on the structure of the manor . The minor formations can wait till the end . ”

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 “Minor formations? Such as…”

 “Such as a small formation centered around the dry well, or a mini one like what I did with that Whistling Vase . They’ll all join up and become part of the completed Taiyi formation . ” Feng Wu wiped the sweat from her forehead .

 Building the Taiyi formation was a lot of work, but she was enjoying every minute of it .

 For one, she could put the theories she had learned from her beautiful master to use . The more she practiced, the more impressed she was by how knowledgeable her beautiful master was .

 Grand Secretary Fang had lost count of how many times Feng Wu’s knowledge of formations had amazed him .

 For another, once the formation was completed, it would help Feng Wu and those around her . And it wasn’t limited to their cultivation; the formation would also help to extend the lives of ordinary people .

 Lady Northern Feng arrived at Fallen Star Yard at that moment .

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 Hearing the noise, Feng Wu said goodbye to Grand Secretary Fang .

 “Lady Northern Feng, what brings you here?” Because the goddaughter thing wasn’t official yet, Feng Wu still addressed the lady like she normally did .

 Lady Northern Feng felt guilty when she saw Feng Wu . She opened her mouth, but didn’t know what to say .

 “What happened?” Feng Wu could tell something was wrong .

 It had to be something major to trouble the dauntless Lady Northern Feng like this .

 “Xiao Wu —” Taking Feng Wu’s hand, Lady Northern Feng smiled bitterly . “I’m so sorry about this . It’s all my fault . ”

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 “Someone at court didn’t agree with you?” Those people were the only ones Feng Wu could think of that could make Lady Northern Feng feel helpless .

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 Lady Northern Feng was surprised by how perceptive Feng Wu was .

 “Since you’ve guessed it, I’ll tell you everything . ”

 Lady Northern Feng had faith in Feng Wu’s character and she told Feng Wu about everything that had happened in the imperial palace . She gave the girl a wry smile in the end . “Xiao Wu, what do you think we should do now?”

 She added, “I went to the crown prince’s residence first, but His Royal Highness wasn’t there, and neither was Feng . No one knew when they would be back . ”

 “No problem . I’ll come with you . ” Feng Wu smiled .

 That was how bighearted Feng Wu was . She always took the bull by the horns and wouldn’t be intimidated .

 In the imperial palace .

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 Emperor Wu tried to say something a few times, but decided not to in the end .

 With the empress dowager sitting there with a long face, the atmosphere was very tense in the hall .

 She was nursing a headache —

 The empress dowager felt a throbbing pain behind her eyes and she thought she could see flashing lights . However, at the thought of that jade pendant, she willed herself to sit straight .

 Because of that, she was in an even fouler mood .

 No one made a sound in Cining Palace .

 The servants tried their best to keep their footsteps as quiet as possible .

 The empress dowager seemed to be this kind old lady, but when she did get mad… there would be blood .

 It had always been this way in the Jun family .

 The empress dowager was like this, and so were Emperor Wu and Jun Linyuan .

 Quick footsteps came from outside .

 Lady Northern Feng skipped the announcement and brought Feng Wu into the palace straightaway .

 The mood in the palace was very solemn and the air seemed to have frozen .

 Dressed in her formal attire with a golden crown on her head, the empress dowager sat there with an emotionless and stern face .

 Next to the empress dowager, Emperor Wu looked equally majestic .

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