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Chapter 704

“But… as her new cousin, Junjun already gave her a gift . ” Lady Northern Feng announced the breaking news .

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 “What?” The empress dowager was shocked .

 Empress Dugu didn’t see that coming .

 Someone so puffed up with arrogance would give a welcome gift? How had that happened?

 “Junjun really did that?”


 “What did he give her?”

 Lady Northern Feng said, “The piece blessed by the master of Wandering Temple…”

 “That jade pendant?!” The empress dowager’s mouth fell open . “He gave the jade to that girl?!”

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 “No!” The empress dowager shook her head . “Quickly, take it back! We have to take it back!”

 Lady Northern Feng was bewildered . “What did I miss?”

 “A lot!” The empress dowager was going to elaborate, when she saw the eager look on Empress Dugu’s face . She snorted instead . “It’s a long story . Just take it back!”

 Lady Northern Feng said, “…But Junjun offered her the gift himself . Wouldn’t it offend him if we take it back now?”

 The empress dowager hesitated . That kid really had a very big ego .

 But the news worried her so much, for she had been there when the master of Wandering Temple gave Jun Linyuan that jade pendant, with a speech about some promise, of two people brought together by fate, and a love that was meant to be love for three lifetimes .

 1The empress dowager didn’t understand much, nor could she remember it clearly . She only knew that the jade was connected to Jun Linyuan’s fate and couldn’t be given to just some random person!

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 “You —” The empress dowager turned to Lady Northern Feng . “Bring that girl to me . I want to talk to her myself!”

 With a straight face, the empress dowager was exactly what the most authoritative woman in the empire should look like!

 Lady Northern Feng sighed inwardly . She couldn’t understand how things had turned out like this .


 “I won’t wait that long!” The empress dowager’s voice was emotionless and solemn . “I want to see her now!”

 She wanted to see what kind of girl could swindle her little Junjun out of that jade pendant!

 Seeing the intimidating look on the empress dowager’s face, Empress Dugu gloated inwardly .

 Finally, Lady Northern Feng was going to learn her lesson .

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 So what if the empress dowager was nice to her? To the old lady, Jun Linyuan was the most precious person in the whole world . Anyone who posed the slightest threat to him could be punished with death!

 It then occurred to Empress Dugu that since the old woman thought so highly of Jun Linyuan, as the crown prince’s stepmother and the mother of another royal prince, she really shouldn’t feel happy at all!

 Instantly, Empress Dugu felt very conflicted…

The empress dowager turned to Granny Lan . “Go fetch me that Feng Wu now!”

 Lady Northern Feng rose to her feet immediately .

 That girl didn’t know what was going on and Granny Lan would probably make her nervous .

 “That won’t be necessary —” Lady Northern Feng stopped Granny Lan . “I’ll go . I’ll bring her here . Your Majesty, please don’t be mad . ”

 “Hmph!” Apparently, the old lady was still mad .

 After leaving Cining Palace, Lady Northern Feng rubbed her forehead . Nothing had gone as planned .

 The Feng clan .

 Feng Wu was at Grand Secretary Fang’s house and was busy with the formation .

 Because of the secrecy, Feng Wu had to take care of every inch of the formation herself .

 Thanks to her talent in formations, Feng Wu finished in a day what could take someone a year to do .

 Even Grand Secretary Fang was amazed .

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