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Published at 27th of June 2020 04:30:14 AM
Chapter 706

Empress Dugu tried to keep a straight face, but she failed to hide the cheerful look in her eyes .

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 It was an interrogation .

 That was the first thing that came to Feng Wu’s mind when she walked in .

 “Your Majesties . ”

 Feng Wu bowed instead of kneeling .

 That gesture alone displeased the empress dowager!

 “Oh my, what an arrogant noble young lady . She doesn’t even kneel to the empire and the empress dowager . ” The empress dowager smirked .

 After Lady Northern Feng left, Empress Dugu took the chance to spread more rumors about Feng Wu .

 Why did she know those things? Well, Empress Dugu and Zuo Qingluan were students of the same master . As a matter of fact, Empress Dugu had put in a lot of effort to make Zuo Qingluan a student of Firmament Palace .

 What she said made the empress dowager dislike Feng Wu even more and the old lady was furious to see that Feng Wu wouldn’t kneel .

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 Feng Wu smiled bitterly to herself at the old lady’s rage .

 Back when she was still a genius, she hadn’t had to kneel to the empress dowager . But the old lady hadn’t seemed to be offended then .

 “Your Majesty, to what do I owe this honor?” Feng Wu tactfully switched the subject .

 “I was told that you had a jade pendant . ” The empress dowager cut to the chase .

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 “Yes . ”

 “It was a gift?”

 “Yes . ”

 “What if I told you to hand it over to me?” The empress dowager’s eyes shone coldly .

 “Your Majesty, I’m your petty subject; I’ll always obey your order . ” Lowering her head, Feng Wu put the jade pendant on both palms and raised it over her head .

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 That surprised everyone .

 It was a gift from His Royal Highness, and other people could only dream to even touch it . How could she give it up just like that?!

 Staring at the jade pendant, the empress dowager didn’t know whether to flare up or rejoice!

 She rejoiced that she was able to retrieve the jade .

 But she was angry at how little the girl thought of a gift from Junjun!

 All of a sudden —

 “Ahhh —” The empress dowager felt as if a bomb had gone off in her head . She cried out and pressed both hands to her head . Cold sweat trickled down her face .

 Empress Dugu was the first to react!

 She pointed at Feng Wu . “How dare you! Her Majesty has fallen ill because of you! You’re dead if anything happens to Her Majesty! Take her and lock her up!”

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 All hell broke loose in the hall .

 For the empress dowager was shaking from head to toe . White foam gathered at the corners of her mouth, her eyes rolled back, and it looked very serious!

 Meanwhile, two guards rushed toward Feng Wu!

 Feng Wu’s eyes glinted .

If she let them take her, it was very likely that the empress dowager wouldn’t make it . If the old lady died, Feng Wu would be in great trouble .

Feng Wu knew that Lady Northern Feng wouldn’t set her up . So, this was her unlucky day .

 Saving the empress dowager would be saving herself .

 At that thought, Feng Wu shoved the two guards away, and the next second, she was by the empress dowager’s side .

 She bellowed, “Don’t panic! Back off! Give Her Majesty some air!”

 After that, Feng Wu pushed with both hands .

 Thump —

 The maids gathered around the old lady were all brushed aside .

 Feng Wu’s tone was very authoritative .

 So much so that the others didn’t have time to react before they were pushed away . Even Granny Lan fell to the ground .

 “You —”

 Empress Dugu was furious!

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