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Published at 27th of June 2020 04:30:25 AM
Chapter 703

Lady Northern Feng flared up . “What are you suggesting? Xiao Wu would never run such a scam . She’s simply an amazing doctor!”

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 Empress Dugu turned to her husband with an aggrieved look on her face .

 However, the empress dowager was persuaded .

 She turned to Lady Northern Feng . “Yaya, don’t let her trick you . ”

 Lady Northern Feng was speechless .

 She didn’t reply, but only threw a dirty look at Empress Dugu .

 Satisfied with the effect of her question, Empress Dugu went on, “Which family is the girl from? What’s her name? We really should run a background check on her to see what kind of person she really is . After all, if she becomes your daughter, she’ll be a part of this family . ”

 The empress dowager found those words reasonable . She frowned and turned to Lady Northern Feng . “Yaya, what’s her name?”

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 “She’s Feng Wu, and she’s a bright, pretty girl . I’ll bring her here some day . ” Lady Northern Feng had great confidence in Feng Wu .

 “Feng Wu?” Emperor Wu was taken aback . “Which Feng Wu?!”

 Empress Dugu’s stomach lurched as well .

 After all, that name was unforgettable to the royal family .

 “The fifth daughter of the Feng clan . ”

 “It’s her?” The look in Emperor Wu’s eyes was indecipherable .

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 Empress Dugu cried out, “It can’t be! Feng Wu? As in the girl who was once engaged to Jun Linyuan?”

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 Lady Northern Feng frowned .

 Empress Dugu didn’t stop there . “Your Majesty, didn’t that Feng Wu lose all her abilities? She was a genius, but she’s crippled now . It’s that Feng Wu!”

 The empress dowager frowned and she glared at Lady Northern Feng . “Yaya, that was very rash of you!”

 “But —”

 Lady Northern Feng was about to explain, but the empress dowager cut her off . “You’re not having this goddaughter!”

 Lady Northern Feng looked at the empress dowager in disbelief . “But why?”

 Empress Dugu interjected in a timely manner, “Lady Northern Feng, don’t you know? His Royal Highness canceled his marriage contract with her not just because she was crippled . The main reason was how she became that way . ”

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 The empress dowager even nodded in agreement .

 Empress Dugu hardly ever received such recognition and was thrilled . “Feng Wu became too greedy and messed up during practice . That was what crippled her . Being greedy is never a merit, especially in our family . We should always accept our position in life and never ask for too much . ”

 The empress dowager nodded with a solemn look on her face .

 Lady Northern Feng lost her temper . “Since when is my Xiao Wu greedy, and who are you to say ‘accept your position in life’? If so, why do you meddle in my business? Stick your nose somewhere else!”

 Seeing that Lady Northern Feng and the empress were going to start a row, the empress dowager intervened . “Yaya, are you going to defy me now?”


 “Forget about this goddaughter thing . It never happened . ”

 “I…” Lady Northern Feng was exasperated .

 Her Xiao Wu was the best . She was pretty, smart, and considerate . She was perfect . Why couldn’t the empress dowager see it?

 “Junjun doesn’t like her . He’ll be upset if you have her as a daughter . ” The empress dowager grunted .

 1That was it!

 Whether Feng Wu was greedy or not, the empress dowager couldn’t care less . Jun Linyuan was her top priority and she didn’t want to upset him .

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