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Published at 23rd of June 2020 05:00:21 AM
Chapter 693

“What? Can’t hear you . ” Lady Northern Feng frowned .

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 Feng Xun raised his voice a tiny bit .

 “What? Man up and say it out loud!” Lady Northern Feng smacked Feng Xun on the head .

 Poor Young Lord Feng . His mother was the only person in this world that could intimidate him like this .

 “I said I want to marry Feng Wu!” Feng Xun finally summoned up his courage and shouted out those words .

 That astonished everyone .

 Feng Wu didn’t know what to say .

 Nor did Lady Northern Feng .

 The rest of the crowd was equally silent .

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 Lady Wang, Feng Yanfeng, and Feng Liu were scared out of their wits!

 Young Lord Feng of Northern Feng Mansion wanted to marry Feng Wu… as in that Failure Wu .

 Lady Northern Feng was dumbfounded!

 This brat wanted to marry Feng Wu? Why didn’t he say so before?! She wouldn’t have gone to all this trouble to claim a goddaughter if she had known! She would have to try to think of a way to make Feng Wu her daughter-in-law!

 “Why her?” Jun Linyuan turned his cold gaze on Feng Xun .

 “I… I…”

 That reminded Lady Northern Feng: that was right . The silly boy never acted like he actually liked the girl . What was he up to?

 It wasn’t that Lady Northern Feng didn’t trust her son . It was just that Feng Xun had done too many silly things .

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 “I… No one will marry her if I don’t!” Feng Xun yelled at the top of his lungs .

 Smack! Lady Northern Feng smacked Feng Xun hard on the forehead and he almost fell to the floor .

 Lady Northern Feng was vexed . Why on earth did he say that? Little Feng Wu was so pretty, so smart, and so amazing . Who wouldn’t want to marry her?!

 “Little Feng Wu is crippled and no good family would want her! At least, no one more talented or more influential than me would want to marry her! I’m her best choice!” Feng Xun yelled .

 1For a moment, Lady Northern Feng actually thought Feng Xun made sense .

 But then, Jun Linyuan casually commented, “Are you sure you’re not going to lose interest in her after two days?”

 Feng Xun stared at Jun Linyuan in disbelief!

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 Boss Jun! I didn’t bring you here to undermine my plan!

 However, Lady Northern Feng flared up at those words!


 She smacked Feng Xun on the head again!

 1“Arghh —”

 That really hurt!

 Feng Xun almost choked .

 His head was swimming and he could see stars .

 Lady Northern Feng was genuinely angry . “Feng Xun! I didn’t say anything when you messed with other girls, but stay away from my Xiao Wu! She’s my daughter and that’s my final verdict!”

 Jun Linyuan nodded . “Feng Xun really should do something about his vice . ”

 Feng Xun glared at Jun Linyuan .

 Lady Northern Feng nodded at Jun Linyuan . “Junjun, you’re such a good boy, not like that brat Ah Xun . Thanks to him, my lifespan has been shortened by at least a few years! I can keep an eye on him when he’s at home, but you’ll have to do that job for me when he goes out . Don’t let him bully my Xiao Wu!”

 Jun Linyuan nodded . “Of course, Aunt . ”

 1Feng Xun glared at Jun Linyuan .

 Lady Northern Feng was elated and added, “No inappropriate thoughts about Xiao Wu either!”

 Jun Linyuan had never been this obedient . “Whatever you say, Aunt . ”

 Feng Xun glared at Jun Linyuan .

 1He had never known that Boss Jun could be this docile!

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