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Chapter 694

Lady Northern Feng was pleased, for she knew how reliable Jun Linyuan was . When he said yes, Feng Xun had no chance whatsoever .

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 She then shot a warning glance at Feng Xun . “She’s your sister from now on; treat her like one . I’m only going to say it once!”

 Feng Xun kept silent .

 Feng Yanfeng didn’t have any doubts now . For some unknown reason, Lady Northern Feng just liked Feng Wu so much . Even His Royal Highness acted rather friendly .

 Fearing that this was going to turn into another fiasco like the incident with Feng Liu, Feng Yanfeng shouted his command at Feng Wu . “Pour Her Ladyship some tea, kneel, and greet your godmother!”

 Feng Wu gave Feng Yanfeng a half-smile .

 Her uncle was really desperate .

 Lady Northern Feng threw a dirty look at Feng Yanfeng, then waved him off . “There’s no need to rush . She’s going to be Shi Yaran’s1 daughter and it’ll be a formal ceremony . ”

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 She then turned to Feng Wu with a smile . “Good girl . I’ll pick an auspicious day, invite lots of guests, and throw you a big party . No one will ever look down on you again!”

 That change in her attitude… Feng Yanfeng was speechless .

 The crown prince’s residence .

 Feng Xun followed Jun Linyuan back to the residence, but he wouldn’t stop nagging .

 “Why? Why? Why? I don’t understand . Boss Jun, why did you turn your back on me? Shouldn’t you be on my side? I don’t get it . I’m so mad . Ahhhh —”

Feng Xun wouldn’t stop complaining and he had the biggest frown on his face .

 Jun Linyuan darted him a glance in resignation .

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 He suddenly asked, “Why did my aunt want Feng Wu as her goddaughter?”

 Feng Xun snorted . “You know how much my mum likes pretty people . Little Feng Wu has always been so good-looking and my mum has had this idea for years . She finally got what she wanted . Hmph!”

 Jun Linyuan was speechless .

 “Come to think of it, I really need to thank little Feng Wu this time . ” Lying down on a bench by the pool with his hands behind his head, Feng Xun said in a disgruntled voice, “Mum was sick and it was quite severe . Little Feng Wu saved her life . For that alone, I need to thank her .

 “I’ve made up my mind!” Feng Xun bounced off the bench all of a sudden and looked refreshed!


 “I’ll protect little Feng Wu with my life!” Feng Xun clenched his fists . “I’m her brother now! Hmph!! Anyone try to do anything to her, and I’ll break their leg!”

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 Jun Linyuan was speechless .

 Feng cleared his throat .

 Feng Xun looked at Feng in bewilderment . “Do you not feel well?”

 Feng didn’t know what to say . His throat was fine, but he couldn’t say the same about this silly teenager’s life .

 Feng Xun had no idea whom he had offended with those words . He was just so happy all of a sudden . Sitting there, he couldn’t stop grinning .

 And that look on his face gave the other the creeps .

 Luckily, he was dealing with the crown prince .

 Jun Linyuan rolled his eyes at Feng Xun . “What are you doing?”

 Feng Xun guffawed .

 Jun Linyuan was speechless .

 “Boss Jun, you know what?!” Feng Xun suddenly turned around and looked at Jun Linyuan in excitement . His eyes sparkled . “I have a sister! Hahahaha — I have a sister!”

 3Jun Linyuan was speechless .

 Excuse me? What happened to that person who would rather die than have a sister? 

Jun Linyuan sighed . “…I see . ”

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