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Published at 23rd of June 2020 05:00:24 AM
Chapter 692


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 Have you forgotten who you are? You’re the invincible Jun Linyuan! Stomp your foot and an earthquake will shake up the Junwu Empire! My mum might kick me around, but she won’t do that to you!

 Feng Xun pleaded with his eyes .  Boss Jun! Help me! You’re the crown prince!

 Jun Linyuan turned to Lady Northern Feng . “Aunt, you’re…”

 “Junjun, look, isn’t Xiao Wu great?” Lady Northern Feng grinned . “I’m going to have a new goddaughter . Aren’t you happy for me?”

 Jun Linyuan cleared his throat . “As long as you’re happy, Aunt . ”

 Feng Xun kept silent .

 Lady Northern Feng chuckled . “I’m happy! I’m so happy!”

 Feng Xun glared at Jun Linyuan!

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 He had brought Boss Jun all the way here to stop this from happening… but what happened to his authority?!

 Feng Xun stared so hard that his eyelids began to twitch, but Jun Linyuan seemed to be in a great mood as he chatted happily with Lady Northern Feng .

 Seeing this, Feng Yanfeng found Lady Northern Feng even more impressive .

 “Well, since Miss Feng Wu is Your Royal Highness’s cousin now… how about a gift?” As considerate as he always was, Feng took the hint as soon as Jun Linyuan darted a look at his own jade pendant .

 It was a gift from Master Dugu of Wandering Temple . Not only had it been blessed, His Royal Highness’s name was also inscribed on it . It would help her cultivation tremendously .

 Jun Linyuan was waiting for that line .

 Taking off the pendant, he tossed it to Feng Wu . “There . ”


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 Everyone in the room was excited!

 It was a gift from His Royal Highness!

 Although he only did it for Lady Northern Feng’s sake, it was still a great honor for Feng Wu!

 Feng Wu wasn’t going to take Jun Linyuan’s gift, not to mention that he had tossed it at her . Did he take her for a beggar or something?

 She was about to throw it back when she felt a cool sensation . A mild streak of spiritual essence ran all the way from her hand to her dantian!

 Soon, Feng Wu felt her dantian fill up…

This was great for her cultivation!

 Feng Wu was elated!

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 Feng Xun stared at Feng Wu .  Weren’t you all mean to Boss Jun and wanted to stay away from him? Give it back! Where’s your honor?!

 However, to his frustration, Feng Wu held the jade pendant with both hands and gave Jun Linyuan a sweet smile . “Thank you, Your Royal Highness . ”

 Feng Xun kept silent .

 Lady Northern Feng added, “You should say, ‘Thank you, Cousin Jun . ’”

 Feng Xun shouted, “No! I don’t want her as my sister! I don’t!”

 Lady Wang and Feng Liu were roused from their astonishment .

 The mother and daughter had been overwhelmed by jealousy when they saw the gift His Royal Highness gave Feng Wu .

 All those were supposed to be Feng Liu’s!

 1However, they were thrilled to hear Feng Xun’s protest .

 So what if Lady Northern Feng liked Feng Wu? Feng Xun didn’t! He would bully Feng Wu so much that she would live a miserable life!

 Grabbing Feng Xun by his ear, Lady Northern Feng said, “Why not? Speak! Give me a good reason or I’ll rip your ear off!”

 “Mum, that hurts —”

 “Say it!” Lady Northern Feng snapped .

 Sob —

 Feng Xun was so embarrassed . How was he supposed to say it in front of so many people?

 Hence, he murmured something .

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