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Chapter 691: 691

Fine, you don’t gossip . You’re just forcing me to confess .  Clenching her fists, Feng Liu wanted to cry again .

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 But Lady Northern Feng was simply too intimidating . Under her intense gaze, Feng Liu had no choice but to tell everyone how she had lied in Wanping Town… There were a lot of tears .

 With Lady Northern Feng on the side, Feng Liu couldn’t make excuses for herself — whenever she tried, Lady Northern Feng would shoot a murderous look at her .

 After hearing the truth, Feng Yanfeng almost cried…

What kind of idiot was this Feng Liu?!

 Why didn’t she tell him before this?!

 He wouldn’t have been so proud if she had! He would have agreed to the marriage proposal, and when the Ning family wanted out, well, they would have had to pay to do so!

 But now it was too late for anything . Feng Yanfeng wanted to stomp his foot in frustration .

 Seeing the look on Feng Yanfeng’s face, Feng Wu sneered .

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 To Feng Yanfeng, everything was about his personal gain, and even his own daughter wasn’t exempt from that .

 She knew that Feng Yanfeng had to be considering her a much more important chess piece than Feng Liu now .

 She was right —

 After making Feng Liu confess her sin, Lady Northern Feng said in an indifferent tone, “Anyway, Master Feng, I’m going to claim Feng Wu as my goddaughter, and your wife said I needed your consent . So, are you going to give your consent or not?”

 That tone again…

Of course Feng Yanfeng wouldn’t dare say no . Moreover, this would be a great opportunity for him to become familiar with Northern Feng Mansion . Feng Yanfeng would have to be an idiot to say no .

 “Of course yes!” Feng Yanfeng smiled obsequiously .

 Feng Wu smiled .

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 “What yes? I won’t accept it!”

 Just then, an angry voice rang out from up on the wall .

 Feng Xun jumped down, as if he was ready to bite someone’s nose off .


 Lady Northern Feng smacked him on the head . “Shut up!”

 Feng Xun pleaded, “Mother…”

 Lady Northern Feng snapped, “You have no say in this!”

 Feng Xun then turned his pleading eyes in the direction of the wall .

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 Feng Wu followed his gaze in bewilderment .

 Without making a sound —

 Jun Linyuan’s imposing figure appeared .

 He was as unapproachable as an iceberg and even his aura said “off limits”!

 Feng was behind him as usual .

 “Your Royal Highness!”

 Everyone was surprised to see Jun Linyuan here!

 Feng Yanfeng rushed over and greeted the crown prince with an ingratiating smile . His eyes sparkled!

 The crown prince was in his home?! Feng Yanfeng couldn’t believe his eyes .

 Feng Xun kept tipping Jun Linyuan the wink, so hard that his eyelid was going to cramp .

 “Aunt,” Jun Linyuan greeted Lady Northern Feng .

 Lady Northern Feng had been raised by the empress dowager herself . Jun Linyuan, who had lost his mother when he was little, had grown up in the empress dowager’s Cining Palace as well . That was to say, Lady Northern Feng used to take care of Jun Linyuan when he was a little boy .

 Lady Northern Feng was glad to see Jun Linyuan . “Junjun, what are you doing here? Ah Xun dragged you into this, didn’t he? I’m warning you: don’t help him . He’s so spoiled; he’s not getting what he wants this time!”

 Jun Linyuan darted a glance at Feng Xun .  Hear that? My aunt has made up her mind . It’s not that I don’t want to help you . I just can’t .

 Feng Xun’s heart sank!

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