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Chapter 690

Lady Wang grabbed Feng Yanfeng’s wrist and shot him warning glances repeatedly .

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 Don’t say yes!

 Feng Wu would be even more arrogant when she became a princess of Northern Feng Mansion!

 Feng Yanfeng didn’t even look at Lady Wang .

 A goddaughter? As long as it could benefit his career, he wouldn’t hesitate to give away all his daughters to Northern Feng Mansion!

 Hence, Feng Yanfeng smiled . “I’m so glad that Your Ladyship finds Liu Er tolerable . It’s such a blessing for her . Liu Er, come here and greet your godmother . ”

 With Northern Feng Mansion as his patron, he would have a meteoric rise!

 Feng Yanfeng was thrilled!

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 No wonder the fortune tellers had been telling him that Feng Liu was a lucky girl! She really was!

 “What Feng Liu?” Lady Northern Feng stared at Feng Yanfeng .

 “Huh?” Feng Yanfeng looked back at Lady Northern Feng in bewilderment .

 Lady Northern Feng stared at Feng Yanfeng in disbelief . “Why would I want a daughter like Feng Liu? I want a peaceful life, thank you . ”

 “Huh?” Feng Yanfeng was baffled .

 Lady Northern Feng didn’t stop there .

 She now saw how abominable this family was!

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 And Lady Northern Feng never held anything back . She didn’t like this first branch of the Feng clan and she wasn’t shy about it .

 She began with her usual opening line . “Master Feng, I need to tell you something, no offense . ”

 Feng Yanfeng sighed inwardly . He was sure he would be offended and he wished Lady Northern Feng would just stop talking .

 But Lady Northern Feng always needed to speak her mind and the other party was always offended .

 “Master Feng, if you ask me, marry Feng Liu to your worst enemy . She definitely has the potential to break a family apart and ruin everything . That way, you can have your revenge . ”

 Feng Yanfeng’s face darkened .

 “Your Ladyship, what’s that supposed to mean? Is the Ning family going to annul the engagement now?” Feng Yanfeng was no fool . He could tell that Lady Northern Feng didn’t like Feng Liu .

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 She was telling him that Feng Liu was a troublemaker that would bring misfortune to her future husband .

 “Annul the engagement?” Mrs Ning stepped forward with a smile . “When did my son get engaged to your daughter? Why haven’t I heard about it?”


 This turn of events was so sudden that Feng Yanfeng was taken by surprise .

 “Hasn’t your family been asking for Feng Liu’s hand repeatedly? You even had Lord Wuan act as a matchmaker!” Feng Yanfeng glanced at Lady Wang with a frown . How had this happened?

 The other day, Feng Yanfeng thought Feng Liu was first in the exam and that even His Royal Highness had his eye on Feng Liu . As a result, he had tactfully turned Lord Wuan down . As it turned out, His Royal Highness wasn’t interested at all!

 Therefore, Feng Yanfeng still wanted Feng Liu to marry into the Ning family, so that he could become acquainted with Northern Feng Mansion .

 But —

 “Well, I guess I need to thank you, Master Feng . If you hadn’t turned Lord Wuan down, my family would be in a difficult spot now . It would have been a disaster for us . ” Mrs Ning snorted .

 “You people…” Feng Yanfeng frowned .

 He was the minister of the Ministry of Official Personnel and a second-ranked official in charge of the promotion of all the government officials of the empire . He was an influential figure! He wasn’t going to just stand here and let two women point their fingers at him .

 Lady Northern Feng smirked . “Mrs Feng, Feng Liu, I would come clean if I were you! Gossiping is really not my thing!”

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