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Chapter 689

Jun Linyuan was speechless .

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 “Boss Jun —”

 Jun Linyuan headed for the door before Feng Xun could say another word .

 “Boss Jun, where are you going?”

 “The Feng clan . ”

 “Yes!” Feng Xun liked the sound of that!

 He was thrilled!

 He knew it! He knew it! Boss Jun was the best!

 In the Feng manor —

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 Feng Yanfeng had come back as summoned .

 And his first reaction was that the Ning family wanted Feng Liu as their daughter-in-law .

 “Lady Northern Feng is in Fallen Star Yard at the moment,” the steward informed Feng Yanfeng .

 “What?” Feng Yanfeng was confused . If the Ning family wanted Feng Liu, what was Lady Northern Feng doing in Fallen Star Yard?

 But Lady Northern Feng was too important a figure for Feng Yanfeng to neglect, and he headed for Fallen Star Yard in a hurry .

 In Fallen Star Yard .

 Lady Northern Feng and Mrs Ning stood by Feng Wu and Lady Xuanji, and the four women chatted amicably . Lady Wang and Feng Liu, on the other hand, had been left on the side .

 The mother and daughter had made a few attempts to leave . After all, it was too embarrassing to linger .

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 But Lady Northern Feng wouldn’t let them .

 Lady Northern Feng rolled her eyes as soon as Lady Wang asked for permission to leave . “Oh my, I see that the lady of the family is too busy to keep us company . ”

 What else could Lady Wang do but stay there with an ingratiating smile on her face? While the four women chatted happily, Lady Wang gritted her teeth so hard that she thought they were going to break .

 It was the longest afternoon in Lady Wang’s life, so long that she thought she was going to have a nervous breakdown .

 Soon, footsteps came from outside .

 Feng Yanfeng pushed the door open .

 “Master —” Lady Wang’s face lit up at the sight of Feng Yanfeng . Tears welled up in her eyes and she looked like the most pitiful kitten .

 Lady Northern Feng didn’t like Lady Wang’s reaction at all!

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 Feng Yanfeng saw Lady Wang’s tears, but he still brushed his wife aside and went straight up to Lady Northern Feng to greet her .

 Of course he had to do that: she was the wife of the Northern Feng General and had a close relationship with the royal family .

 The look on Lady Northern Feng’s face changed again as soon as Feng Yanfeng walked in .

 The friendly smile disappeared, replaced by an arrogant look . She gave Feng Yanfeng an unhurried glance, then said indifferently, “Master Feng, I know you’re a busy man and I didn’t want to trouble you . But according to your wife, you’re the one to make the final decision, so I had to invite you over . ”

 She sounded unusually polite, which scared Feng Yanfeng out of his wits!

 His legs almost gave way .

 Lady Northern Feng had never been known for being easy to get along with . She was an unpredictable woman . She would share her house with those she liked, but when she didn’t like someone, she wouldn’t hesitate to show it right away!

 Judging by that nonchalant tone, he could tell that Lady Northern Feng was displeased .

 Feng Yanfeng bowed and smiled obsequiously . “Lady Northern Feng, you flatter me . One word from you and I won’t hesitate to go through fire and water for you!”

 “There’s no fire or water . ” Lady Northern Feng slowly put down her cup, dabbed her lips with a handkerchief, then said quietly, “Northern Feng Mansion wants to claim a goddaughter from your clan and your wife here is really reluctant . She wouldn’t say yes until she heard your opinion . So, what do you say?”

 Still that tone! Feng Yanfeng felt like kneeling down .

 So, Lady Northern Feng wanted to claim Feng Liu as her goddaughter, right? That way, Feng Liu would have status adequate enough for her to marry Ning Chenxi . The lady was doing the Ning family a favor!

 Feng Yanfeng was over the moon . “Yes! Yes, of course!”

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