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Chapter 687: 687

Go over there? What was this Feng Wu thinking? Lady Wang couldn’t understand what Lady Northern Feng saw in that girl!

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 Was Feng Wu not afraid of offending Lady Northern Feng?

 As a matter of fact, Lady Northern Feng wasn’t offended at all . She went up to Feng Wu cheerfully and took her hand . “Xiao Wu, you’re so amazing . That medicine —”

 Lady Northern Feng then leaned over and whispered something in Feng Wu’s ear .

 Feng Wu smiled . “That’s great . It means the energy is flowing again inside your body . Please keep taking the medicine and I’ll write you a new prescription in a month’s time . I’ll make sure you’re thoroughly cured . ”

 Lady Northern Feng was elated . “I like the sound of that . ”

 Only those who had suffered from a disease before understood the importance of good health .

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 Lady Northern Feng then shifted her gaze to Feng Wu’s mother .

 One look and Lady Northern Feng was stunned .

 “Oh god —”

 Lady Northern Feng cried out!

 She had met Feng Wu’s mother once five years ago . But after five years, the lady looked exactly the same!

 With a 13-year-old daughter, the beautiful lady still looked like an 18-year-old . No one could tell that she and Feng Wu were mother and daughter . They were like sisters!

 “So beautiful —”

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 All words failed Lady Northern Feng!

 Lady Northern Feng had always had a thing for beautiful people, or she wouldn’t have wanted to take Feng Wu back home when she was little . She couldn’t stop admiring the lady’s beauty . “She’s so beautiful! I can’t believe my eyes!”

 The beautiful lady wore little makeup today, which only added to her natural beauty . She looked as splendid as the stars .

 Even Lady Northern Feng was infatuated; imagine how a man would react?

 “I’m so ashamed of my ungainly appearance…” Lady Northern Feng shook her head .

 Mrs Ning felt the same .

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 She touched her face involuntarily .

 She and Lady Northern Feng used the most expensive makeup and ate the best food, but time had still left its mark on their faces . However… Feng Wu’s mother seemed to remain 18 forever .

 Lady Wang snorted inwardly .

 Lady Northern Feng might seem so enthusiastic, but she was still jealous of Feng Wu’s mother! No woman could be magnanimous when it came to other beautiful women .

 However, Lady Northern Feng only took Feng Wu’s hand . “Xiao Wu, tell me, what did you do to help your mother stay this young? I’m your godmother now, so don’t keep any secrets from me . ”

 Feng Wu chuckled . “My mother hasn’t agreed yet . ”

 Lady Northern Feng turned to the beautiful lady right away .

 The beautiful lady was essentially a 5-year-old girl, and there was no way she could handle Lady Northern Feng . Before long, she gave her consent .

 “Xiao Wu, see? Your beautiful mother said yes, which makes you my goddaughter . Now, spill the secret . ” Lady Northern Feng patted Xiao Wu on the head . “Tell me everything!”

 Feng Wu chuckled . “Well, my mum is blessed with natural beauty . She’s got great skin and…”

 “Fine, fine, fine . We know all that . Your mother is the most beautiful woman in the Junwu Empire . No one is questioning that . ” Lady Northern Feng smiled bitterly . “Tell us about the rejuvenating bit . ”

 “That’s a long story,” Feng Wu said . “First of all, one has to have a young mind, and my mum is naturally gifted in that respect . ”

 Lady Northern Feng gave her a wry smile .

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