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Chapter 688

“The supplements only came afterward,” said Feng Wu . “But the last batch I made has been used up . I’ll send you a bottle when I have the next batch . ”

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 “That’s great!” Lady Northern Feng took Feng Wu’s hands in excitement!

 She trusted fully in Feng Wu’s medical skills and would believe anything Feng Wu said!

 “I’ll take a bottle, too . Xiao Wu, don’t forget your aunt,” Mrs Ning said in excitement .

 Feng Wu’s beautiful mother was actually called “Xuanji” and was known as “Lady Xuanji” in the empire .

 1Amazed by Lady Xuanji’s stunning beauty, both Mrs Ning and Lady Northern Feng wanted Feng Wu to make those rejuvenating pills for them right away .

 But Feng Wu knew better than anyone else that her mother was a special case: she would remain this young with or without the rejuvenating pills .

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 Feng Wu would wonder from time to time where exactly her mother came from — she simply had so many secrets .

 Seeing how friendly Lady Northern Feng and the other three women were, Lady Wang was vexed .

 Lady Wang had thought that Lady Northern Feng would lose her temper, but she got along much better with the others than Lady Wang had expected!

 The crown prince’s residence —

 Staring at Feng Xun, Jun Linyuan frowned .

 The lake had frozen over, but Feng the Third didn’t even notice .

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 He looked at Jun Linyuan with teary eyes and said in an agitated tone, “Boss Jun! Help me! You’ve got to help me this time!”

 Help you? The crown prince’s lips curled into a crooked smile .

 “With what?” Jun Linyuan’s voice sounded ominous .

 However, Feng Xun was too absorbed in his thoughts to notice . He pleaded with his eyes . “Boss Jun, you’re the only one I can count on now!”

 “Is that so?” There was no warmth in Jun Linyuan’s eyes .

 “You know what my mum’s like . She was spoiled by Her Majesty, the empress dowager, and she has a vile temper . When she gets stubborn, even my dad has to compromise at times, not to mention myself…” Feng Xun darted another pleading look at Jun Linyuan .

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 However, Jun Linyuan remained unmoved and there was no emotion in his eyes .

 “Of all the girls out there, why did my mum have to pick Feng Xun as her goddaughter? Did she think about my needs before she made the decision? Does she still remember that I’m her son?” Feng Xun whined .

 1Jun Linyuan snorted .

 “Why did she have to mention the goddaughter thing, instead of proposing a marriage? I can’t believe it!” After he was done complaining, Feng Xun turned to Jun Linyuan with sparkling eyes . “Boss Jun, you have to help me! You’re the only one that can change my mum’s mind now!”

 Jun Linyuan glanced at Feng Xun . “Change her mind?”

 “That’s right!” Feng Xun smacked the table . “A goddaughter in families like ours is as good as a real daughter . If I let my mum have her way, I’ll never be able to marry little Feng Wu!”

 1Jun Linyuan thought to himself: That’s exactly what I’m hoping for!

 3Feng Xun had no idea of what was going on in Jun Linyuan’s head . Seeing that the crown prince’s face had darkened, he pleaded, “Boss Jun, Boss Jun, please help me just this once . I’ll do anything!

 “I know you don’t like little Feng Wu, but I do! Boss Jun, please come with me and stop my mother! We’re running out of time here!” Feng Xun was so worried .

 Jun Linyuan slowly rose to his feet . “What’s wrong with having a sister?”

 “There’s nothing right about it!” Feng Xun jumped to his feet . “I won’t be able to marry her and other people will ridicule her if she can’t get a husband!”

 Jun Linyuan said, “No, she’ll get a husband…”

 “But she won’t get anyone better than me and the girls out there are so snobbish that they’ll definitely laugh at her!” Darting a look at Jun Linyuan, Feng Xun mumbled, “It’s not like you’re going to marry her…”


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