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Chapter 686

“You heard me right . ” Lady Northern Feng gloated at Lady Wang . “I’m here today to claim Xiao Wu as my goddaughter!”

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 Lady Wang was dumbfounded!

 She had thought that Lady Northern Feng was here as a matchmaker for Feng Wu, but as it turned out, the lady wanted the girl as a daughter!

 “So, the Ning family doesn’t want Feng Wu as a daughter-in-law, after all . ” Lady Wang snorted .

 Mrs Ning sighed . “My son would be so lucky and honored to have Feng Wu as his wife . Unfortunately, my family isn’t worth someone as amazing as her . She’s way beyond our reach . ”

 Way beyond their reach?

 Lady Wang wanted to scream!

 This family had just turned down Feng Liu, but they said that they weren’t good enough for Feng Wu… How much more did this woman want to insult Feng Liu?

 Lady Wang’s face twisted . “Fine! Fine!”

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 She took a deep breath . “Feng Wu is a member of the Feng clan and she needs permission from the clan chief if she wants to have a godmother . Lady Northern Feng, even someone as prestigious as you has to play by the book . ”

 Lady Northern Feng smiled . “Of course . I sent someone to fetch Sir Feng on our way here . ”

 Lady Wang took another deep breath to suppress her rage!

 She wanted to leave this room now, or even chase these two women out . However —

 Lady Northern Feng was the queen bee in her circle, and an invitation to her tea party was very hard to come by . Lady Wang still hadn’t been invited, and the last thing she wanted to do was offend this noble lady .

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 No matter how hard Lady Wang gritted her teeth, she couldn’t let her anger show .

 “Hey, will I ever be able to see Xiao Wu?” Lady Northern Feng grew impatient .

 Despite her anger, Lady Wang couldn’t do anything in the lady’s presence . She said, “I’ll send for her now…”

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 “No need . We’ll go to Fallen Star Yard ourselves . It’ll show our sincerity . ” Lady Northern Feng smiled .

 Lady Wang was furious!

 They were all “sincere” toward Feng Wu while they didn’t even try to show Feng Liu any respect . Did they have to be so blatant about it?

 1However, Lady Northern Feng had always been this willful . She never saw the need to justify her actions to anyone .

 Feng Liu wanted to slink off .

 But —

 Lady Northern Feng glanced at her . “You, come with us . ”

 Poor Feng Liu… She was cursing in her head, but she had no choice but to follow them out .

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 In Fallen Star Yard —

 Knock, knock, knock —

 Someone was tapping on the door .

 Granny Zhao answered the door .

 The beautiful lady had been told that Lady Northern Feng was coming, and she was trying on an exquisite outfit . Various hairpins dangled by her face as she moved around gracefully .

 “Xiao Wu, what do you think of this one?”

 The beautiful lady’s limpid eyes reminded Feng Wu of a fawn . She could tell that the lady was a little flustered about the idea of meeting strangers .


After seeing her mother’s face a million times, Feng Wu was still amazed by how unbelievably beautiful she could be .

 “You look great, wonderful, amazing . ” Feng Wu took her mother’s hands . “This one will do . Lady Northern Feng will be envious of you if you wear anything nicer . ”

 Someone laughed loudly at the door .

 “Oh my, Xiao Wu, I see that you’re making things up about me!”

 Lady Northern Feng was so arrogant, unapproachable, and elegant around Lady Wang, but when she talked to Feng Wu, her tone was so warm and enthusiastic .

 Lady Wang’s mouth fell open!

 Why did she treat Feng Wu so differently? Feng Wu didn’t deserve it!

 However, Feng Wu didn’t come out to greet Lady Northern Feng, but only called out from the stairs . “Your Ladyship, come up here . ”

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