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Chapter 681: 681

Feng Liu had never considered the aftermath of her whimsical, selfish reply .

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 She didn’t know what Ning Chenxi had in mind .

 Deep down, Feng Liu knew that Ning Chenxi had been trying so hard to marry her only because he thought Feng Liu was the girl who had saved his mother!

 Nonetheless, with Feng Liu’s current condition, she had no choice but to take the offer . And she decided she was going to be very cheerful about it, and had to show off in front of Feng Wu .

 What Feng Liu hadn’t foreseen was Feng Wu knowing about her lie!

 “W- What do you mean? Are you trying to take Ning Chenxi away from me?”

 “Take him away?” Feng Wu found Feng Liu ridiculous .

 Feng Liu took a deep breath . “Feng Wu, I’m warning you! Ning Chenxi is mine! If you try anything, I’ll tell the whole world that my sister is seducing my husband!”

 Feng Wu chuckled . “Your husband? Get married first, will you?”

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 “Do you think I won’t?” Feng Liu snorted . “The Ning family adores me! They’ve sent all kinds of influential people over as matchmakers . For what I’ve heard, even Lord Wuan came! And what will you become? A concubine, at best!”

 Feng Liu left after those words, looking like an arrogant peacock .

 Feng Wu didn’t say anything .

 “Exactly how annoying can that woman be?” Chaoge had just finished cultivating, and she rushed out, only to find that Feng Liu had left . Chaoge said grumpily, “That was fast . I thought I could beat her up!”

 Feng Wu chuckled .

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 “Xiao Wu, how can you bring yourself to laugh? Don’t you find her so annoying?”

 Feng Wu nodded . “Yes, she’s always been annoying . But you won’t have to beat her up yourself this time . ”

 “Really? Who’s going to do it, then?”

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 “Lady Northern Feng and Mrs Ning . ”

 “For real?”

 Feng Wu nodded with a smile . “There’s going to be a lot of face-slapping . ”

 Feng Liu ran into Granny Gui on her way back and the latter hurriedly took her by the wrist . “Miss Liu, come with me!”

 “Granny Gui?”

 “Lady Northern Feng is here and she’s in the main hall at the moment . My lady asked me to bring you to the honored guest . ” Granny Gui broke the news . “Please hurry up . ”

 Feng Liu raised her chin . “There’s no need to rush . ”

 Granny Gui smiled bitterly . “My dear Miss Liu, it’s Lady Northern Feng we’re talking about here . We can’t afford to keep her waiting . ”

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 Feng Liu didn’t think much of it .

 If Ning Chenxi really liked her, this was the perfect time for her to assume airs .

 Plus, all girls were supposed to be demure .

 Feng Liu walked unhurriedly toward the main hall, tidying herself up as she went .

 Meanwhile, Lady Northern Feng had lost her patience .

 She had given Feng Wu’s aunt all the respect she could spare and she was going to leave the hall now . She needed to go to Fallen Star Yard .

 Just then —

 Footsteps came from outside .

 Lady Wang greeted the person cheerfully . “Xiao Liu’s here . Quickly, show her in . Lady Northern Feng and Mrs Ning have been waiting for a long time . ”

 Lady Northern Feng and Mrs Ning turned their heads when Feng Liu walked in .

 Feng Liu’s stomach lurched when she heard her mother’s words .

 Mrs Ning?

 Mrs Ning was here?


 Feng Liu’s face darkened a little .

 Feng Wu had saved Mrs Ning twice and the lady had clearly seen Feng Wu’s face!

 That was to say, Mrs Ning would know who Feng Liu really was as soon as they met!

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